Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thought Thursday 11/5/09

I feel like I need a hip replacement.

A TV personality touted that story of the bodies-in-the-basement raper by giving a brief synopsis, then adding, "...and you'll hear what the police found that was really weird." Oh, really? Keeping the bodies of his victims in the basement was not really weird? Really?

Thank the Gummi Mary, that full moon is on the wane.

Why is it that when kids get in trouble, they can't take responsibility for their rule-breaking actions? Why must it always be, "You don't like us, do you?" HELLO! Where were you the first day of school when I specifically told you that the way you would be treated was by the way you behaved? Yeah. Get over yourselves. If you don't want to sit alone for the rest of the week, maybe you should start following the rules like everyone else. It's not rocket science.

An inservice on METH when you were expecting HEROIN is quite a disappointment.

Wearing a T-shirt that is imprinted with The owner of this shirt may spontaneously burst into song is kind of like asking for a grape Slurpee to be flung in your face. You fans of GLEE will know what I'm talkin' about.

I found out that Lying Diabetic H has been scarfing donuts willy-nilly. Oh, but he thinks it's OK because he gets just the cake donuts, without any icing on them.

My school mailbox contained an invitation to the FCCLA Senior Citizens Dinner. I'm hoping that everybody got one.

I hate Google. It has this cute trick lately. A cute trick where no matter what you type into the search area, you are taken to Google. Against your will. But it still reads as the site you typed in. But you are on Google. That's hijacking. And when you TRY to go to Google, you get a blank page that says 'Done' at the bottom. Google is not my friend. I hate Google.

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