Thursday, November 19, 2009

More From The Files Of Turkey Whisperer H

Farmer H won a turkey. There he was, sitting in traffic, listening to the local hick radio station, and as Farmer H told it: "I heard a turkey gobble, real faint, in the background, so I called the radio station. I was caller number four, so I hung up and called again. This time I was caller number ten, and all I had to do was guess how many shots it would take to kill the turkey. If you're wrong, the turkey laughs at you, but if you're right, the turkey dies. I said three shots, and I killed him. The guy said I could pick up my bird any business day, and to bring my axe. I told him no, I would just put it in the pen with my other turkey. He laughed at that. So now we have a turkey for Thanksgiving."

Farmer H. Always the provider, even if it means shooting a virtual turkey over the phone on the radio.

Who's a big turkey?

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