Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?

The #1 son has gone on a ghost hunt tonight. It's a real, organized ghost hunt. This is the third year for it. One of my students mentioned that she was going again, and I said #1 would like something like that. I did not want to go, what with it being from 6:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. Early-To-Bed H would not have wanted to go, I presumed, since he goes to bed around 9:00. So it was left to Cousin E to accompany minor #1 on the hunt. She is bringing along her boyfriend.

The tickets were ordered by Student's mom or aunt online, and I paid Student in cash that day. Good thing. The event sold out. Student said that everyone would meet at the Super 8 to sign waivers and divide into groups, then they would drive to the tour area, from where they would walk for the rest of the night.

Cousin E, Boyfriend, and #1 arrived at the Super 8 at 6:00. The employees of Super 8 said no room was booked by the Paranormal People. #1 called me. Like I could do anything. He had tried to track down Student's phone number yesterday, texting mutual friends. No luck. He found Student on FaceBook, and tried to add himself as a friend in an effort to ask for her cell phone number in case they couldn't find each other tonight. Because Student and her party of five had #1's tickets, you see. No luck. She rejected him.

I did a quick google and found out on the Paranormal People's website that they were meeting at some Sweet Shoppe place. Boyfriend knew where to find it. In the meantime, #1 said that the Super 8 people said one other person had come in around 5:00 looking for the same deal, and that they checked the schedule, and found out that the Paranormal People had canceled their conference room. Go figure.

Next thing I know, #1 called and said Student's mom called him, having gotten his number from his older brother, whom Student's older brother knows and called. She wanted to make sure he knew to go to the Sweet Shoppe place instead of the Super 8. So #1 got his tickets. But he had to lie and say he was 18, because he didn't have a signature of a parent or guardian. I thought Cousin E could act as guardian, being 20 years old, but maybe not.

I'm guessing that everything will turn out all right. #1 said that Cousin E was already scared, and they hadn't even left the Sweet Shoppe in broad daylight.

We'll see what develops.

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