Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Thought Thursday 8-20-09

Parents. Talk to your children. Show them some attention. Because if you don't, they will glom onto ME and talk my ear off with nothingness when I should be doing somethingness. I don't mind talking to a kid for a few minutes during down time. But not the SAME kid, EVERY day, for 10-15 minutes at a time because they just don't get the social clues that the conversation is over, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has other things to do, like supervise her class, or the hallway, or perhaps teach the lesson, and you are monopolizing Mrs. HM's time at the expense of the other students.

DiGiorno makes a mighty tasty pizza.

I don't suppose I won the $260 million PowerBall drawing last night. There was only one winner, but the last time I checked, I did not buy my ticket in South Carolina.

MSNBC does not let truth get in the way of reporting the news.

Bowling leagues have started again. Now Responsibility Shirker H will start working Saturdays. It happens every year. Nothing to do on Saturday but go to flea markets and play with his chickens and rabbits? No work. Take boys to their bowling league? Gotta work. Funny, that coincidence.

The #1 son awoke with a headache and nausea, but no fever. I sent him to school. He didn't look swiney to me. Now he's getting the sniffles. I think he will recover.

My mom had two teeth pulled to fit in a bridge. Her dentist always bruises her face. She looks like she went to an Old West traveling dentist/snake-oil salesman, and got sucker-punched. I hope he at least gave her a couple of shots of whiskey. Beware, Mabel. I know he's your dentist, too.


Stewed Hamm said...

Which bridge? Brooklyn Bridge? London Bridge? Has modern engineering science suffered so much so fast?
Personally, I blame this great leap backward in bridge-building on UMR's name change to MUST... Or crazy honkies with guns. (Thanks to MSNBC for the heads-up on that one!)

My suggestion for dealing with Talky McTalkerson: begin slipping completely random and absurd things into your "conversation." e.g. when he's rambling about whatever, suddenly mention that you ate the space shuttle for dinner last night. Then, furiously deny that you said it. Wait a minute or so, then say something else at random.
Maybe he'll get the drift, maybe not - but either way, it'll be entertaining.

Hillbilly Mom said...

The lady with the bridge in her mouth lectured me to be nice to Talky. Which is the exact reason I have a problem with Talky.