Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Summer Is Almost Over, You Know

Tomorrow the boys and I are going to my classroom to put some things in order. I want to hit the ground running on Aug. 10 when we return. I don't need issues with my computer or posters falling off the wall or not enough books for the students on my rosters or misplaced odds and ends or the desks not the way I want them. The first day back will be eaten up with meetings and new technology crap and people dropping in and no time to do anything but sit and listen. Then the second day will be all about getting ready for Open House that evening of Aug. 11, and that leaves only a half day on Aug. 12 to get stuff ready for the students to arrive on Aug. 13.

Dare I say that I'm kind of looking forward to the first day? This will be my third year back at teaching science, so I should be in the swing of things and only have daily paper-grading and score-recording to occupy my time after school. And maybe some research to throw in new stuff as I choose. I take that back. I will have one new class in place of my double dose Algebra, but it's a class I've taught before, so it won't take much prep.

It will be fun to see #1 and his cronies in the halls of Newmentia, though maybe not so much fun to see them in my classroom. This year we will have four (FOUR!) weeks of school until Labor Day. It used to be we only went a couple of weeks until this mini-break. Then we will have a day off for professional development, perhaps, in September, and a day off for Parent Conferences in October, and then it will be basketball season, and Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas...

The new school year is almost over!!!


Chickadee said...


Seriously, I can't believe you guys are starting school so early. Is that because of all the holidays and teacher days you have? ;)

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think it is because the people on the calendar committee want to get two full weeks off at Christmas, and have a cushion built in so that even with two weeks of snow days, we can still get out before Memorial Day.

That's how it worked out last year, anyway.