Sunday, August 30, 2009

That's Who You Call

The #1 son had an eventful evening at his ghost hunt. He was not able to stay until the 4:00 a.m. ending time, due to his cousin's boyfriend having sore feet. Yes. A nineteen year old had sore feet and was ready to leave by 1:30 a.m., even though Cousin E and #1 could have spooked all night. Here are a couple of pictures #1 took that he thought might show something. Then I'll relate his tale of the evening.

This lady is one of the people running the ghost hunt. She was pointing over to an area where they were going next. The little light where she is pointing is a street light. You can't see it here, but when he enlarged the picture, and looked over that headstone right behind her, at about the 10 o'clock position, there is an orb. When he zoomed in on the orb, it was just a faint speckled-y kind of sphere. They saw nothing while they were watching in person. The Lady is holding a flashlight that they use to see if it can be turned on by an entity.

Next, there is a photo of the place that Lady was pointing to. On the left of the left headstone is a streetlight and a star. That orby thingy in the tree was not there to the naked eye, but only showed up in the photo. If you zoom in on this orb, it has layers, like a jawbreaker candy. I can see both of the orbs in the photos as being dust particles, but I don't know why they seem to have a different composition. Oh, and if you look at that boy's left arm, he has picked up a little mist from somewhere. I don't think it's some camera anomaly, because it wasn't by the face that #1 cropped out. Lady is bending down to set a flashlight. It is stuck in Play-Doh so it won't tip over or be jostled. They use a flashlight that you can unscrew the top so the light goes off, and leave it barely apart enough that the light is off. Lady asked if there was anyone there in the graveyard who could turn on that light. And it went on. That's with nobody standing by it or walking by.

The ghost tour was of an old church and graveyard, a house, and an old store. #1 had to leave before they got to the best one, the old store. In that house, he said the minute he stepped down into the living room, he had a feeling like, "No. Get out." But he stayed. In fact, as his group was leaving the house after the tour, he went back in. More on that later. He said that inside, one of the electromagnetic detector thingies went wild, and they followed the signal upstairs, into a bedroom where it quit, then picked it up again in the hall and followed it to a kid's room where there was a creepy doll laying in the bed. The flashlight trick was tried at the kitchen table, but there was no action. Lady had explained that there is said to be a female presence in the room who will only communicate with women, that she liked to come around while the dishes were being done or some such thing.

As the group left, #1 said he was going back in for a minute, and Cousin E went with him. The detector thingy detected something. They went into the kitchen, and Cousin E sat down at the table. She did not touch the table. She said, "If you're here, can you turn on the light?" AND IT WENT ON. Right then. Cousin E and #1 gave each other the that's weird look. They had taken the flashlight temperature before, and it was 68 or 70 degrees. Other people came back in, and the light went off. The temperature of the flashlight was then 58 degrees. They tried it again, but nothing happened. After everyone else left, Cousin E and #1 went back and did the same thing again, and the light came on again.

Sooo...#1 said he had a good time, and would like to go back again next year, and stay for the whole tour.

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