Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Consolation Chicken

Because it is the day before I return to work, I spent my time cleaning out The Pony's drawers and the laundry room. Because that's the kind of gal I am. Forget about all the clutter in my kitchen and office and, well, just about everywhere else. Those clothes needed weeding out. I gave them to my mom, who offers them to her neighbor for her grandkids, who lets her daughter go through them, who then gives them to friends. See? That's my good deed, without even a receipt to use for my itemized deductions on Schedule A. There was some good stuff in this batch: a Nike wind jacket that The Pony won't wear, a pair of camouflage sneakers worn only once, a couple of Abercrombie shirts, a pants/shirt/tie/vest combo (size 10), piles of jeans and shorts, swim trunks, shirts, and a SpongeBob wristband. Who could ask for anything more? I had really meant to get this stuff ready earlier in the summer, but being an Aquarius, I am a poster hillbilly for procrastination.

My mom told her neighbor of The Pony's incident with the slaughtered baby chicks. Neighbor felt his pain, and offered him one of her half-grown chicks. I explained to The Pony that something could very easily happen to it here at Chicken Death Central, so if he didn't want it, I would understand. The Pony said he would like a little chicken. He and Chicken H might go look at it tonight, or wait until next weekend when they could bring it home. I see no point in getting it now and leaving it unattended all week. Those peckers out there in our pen are murderers.

#1 is gone to Six Flags with his cousin and her boyfriend and a crony. Seems like only last month that he went on the then hottest day of the year, and now he had to go today on the hottest day of the year. It will be a chore getting him up and ready in time for me to get to work in the morning. Both boys have to go with me. My mom is picking up The Pony after a doctor's appointment, but #1 will stay in my room and be my gofer. He's right handy with electronics. And popular with the other faculty.

I am looking forward to being the last table to go through the breakfast line again. It's a yearly ritual. Save me a seat, Mabel!

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Chickadee said...

Have fun getting the classroom ready and setting up your germ-free part of the room. I'm hoping the swine flu thing isn't as bad as everyone is predicting.

A friend of mine teaches in the Hazelwood School district and school starts Thursday. Too early.

Hope it cools down for all of you.