Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Smorgasbord 8/23/09

Surprise, surprise! One of our rabbits was missing from the pen this morning, and turned up later dead, dead, dead on the front porch. Shh...Farmer H just told The Pony that it must have got out. Genius at work, Farmer H.

The Devil's Playground is now The Devil's Crackhouse. The Devil's minions were busily toting merchandise from shelves where customers can find it to shelves that have no rhyme nor reason. Oh, and the big aisle signs declaring what is found up that alley are liars. Not that The Devil's Playground was ever aesthetically pleasing, but this new configuration makes it look like a run-down K-Mart. The Pony and I searched like the devil for a large Symphony candy bar, a can of deluxe mixed nuts, and teriyaki beef jerky. All for naught. Upon checking out, when the poor addled checker asked if we found everything all right, I boldly declared, "No. We don't know where you hid the Symphony, mixed nuts, and beef jerky." She shook her head. "Oh, they are along the back wall now, by the restrooms and lay-a-way." Of course they are. Because all of the other food items are way over on the SIDE of the store.

The #1 son finally went outside to practice basketball today. All summer, he drug himself out of bed (with only me yelling at him every five minutes for 30 minutes) by 8:30 so he could practice. Then school started, and he had not touched a basketball until today. I was shocked! That boy has a move! Yes, it's true! A legitimate pull-up jumper! By cracky, he might get in a game this year! He just needs to toughen his outer shell. He has to start stealing the candy, not being the baby. He will have to act a little jerky like those other hotshots. Intimidation is the key. He must be more aggressive to get noticed, become the concussor instead of the concussee.

The Pony is taking beginning band. He wants to play trombone. We have to attend a meeting Tuesday night about instruments. I think the smart thing to do right now is to rent one for a year, then see if he plans to stick with it. The local music store has an arrangement with the school that is very reasonable. You can apply any rental payments to the purchase, or to an upgrade on a better instrument later. My only issue is with The Pony carrying that trombone on and off the bus. I may end up driving to Basementia to pick him up if it is a problem.

It's still two weeks until Labor Day. I don't know why we have to start school in the middle of the summer. Swine flu will be here before you know it. There are already two cases in our county. I'm a handwashin' fool. I'd hose down my classroom with Lysol every hour if it was socially acceptable. Last year I was sick about six times, the most EVAH in my teaching career. Those walking, talking little petrie dishes need to keep their distance from Mrs. Hillbilly Mom.


Stewed Hamm said...

I, er, "knew a guy" who played trombone in jr. high band. Definitely rent one first - they don't come cheap if you're buying. But they hold their value pretty well if it's taken care of - so don't let HH (Harold Hill) get any ideas.

The bus can be a problem if Pony's used to sitting anywhere but the first seat. Otherwise he faces the prospect of dragging that thing down the aisle while not hitting someone's knee and making them hate you for life -slash- punch you in the face... and good luck with that.

Honestly though, all that's minor stuff. It's a very fun instrument to play. Or, you know, that's what I heard, at least.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think The Pony sits up front. He only rides the bus for about 5 minutes from Basementia to Newmentia. He has to get off fast, before the HS kids start getting on.