Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scatterbrain Saturday 6/27/09

Hey! Did you hear that Michael Jackson died?

The water in Poolio is hot enough to boil reptile eggs. HH and the boys say it is comfortable, yet when I put my hand in the water, it feels like bathwater. Only warmer. I think draining out a third of the water and running in some cold, cold well water would be in order... but I'm not the one swimming in Poolio.

One of my favorite movies was on TV last week: The Bad Seed. I was flipping through the channels and caught the part where that handyman tells Rhoda, "Then they're gonna fry you in the electric chair. They have a little blue chair for the little boys, and a little pink chair for the little girls." The #1 son went up to his room to watch it to the end, even though he's seen it before. And it's in black and white.

I am bored with summer. But that does NOT mean that I'm ready to head back to school in six weeks. As in AUGUST 10 !!!!!


Redneck Diva said...

You should teach in Oklahoma! They passed some fayncy schmayncy law that lets them count hours (or maybe nanoseconds) in school rather than days! My kids got out mid-May rather than at the end and rumor has it they won't go back until after Labor Day, or at the earliest not until after the county fair.

Sidenote: You know you live in a rural community if literally 3/4 of the school is gone during fair week (and the teachers don't count absences either).

Anyway, they're extending the school day by 30 minutes as well which just guarantees them getting out sometime around oh...FEBRUARY.

[word verification: gualsh. Hungarian? Yummmm.]

Hillbilly Mom said...

Wow! Maybe they will cut it down to 4-day weeks. That's what we were jonesin' for last fall. Only one local district seriously considered it, and they have four times as many buses as us. We would gladly go an extra hour and a half each day for perpetual three-day weekends.

I've told you, there are no recipes here. Who do you think I am, Paula freakin' Deen?