Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Thought Thursday 6/18/09

Hillary Clinton broke her elbow on the way to the White House yesterday. I smell a worker's comp claim.


Kate Gosselin Smacks One of Her Eight. That's a headline to reel people in. Turns out she smacked her sextuplet Leah on the butt for not ceasing her whistleblowing after being told twice to cut the crap while Kate was on the phone. I don't know what part of the country this reporter was raised in, but here in Missouri, we call that a spanking. Most kids I grew up with got them on a regular basis. They are not in jail. They are not scarred for life. They do not beat their kids. They are able to hold down jobs and provide for their families. I know, that's hard to believe, isn't it? Oh, and reports also said that the police arrived at the Gosselin house shortly after the incident. But they forgot to mention that Kate was on the phone calling the police because of the paparazzi when the incident occurred.


Don't worry if your airline pilot is distracted and squashes a fly. That's why there are co-pilots, right? Isn't that why an airline pays two pilots? We don't want any trouble like that movie, Cry of the Wild, based on the Hatchet book. That kid was in a world of hurt when his pilot died. But if there's a spare, everything should work out all right. So it's not really so amazing that the Continental flight made a safe landing after its pilot died halfway across the Atlantic, is it? And what's with that relief crew landing the plane? If the co-pilot isn't qualified, then why are they freakin' paying him to be a co-pilot? What's he there for, to laugh at the pilot's jokes? Is he the Ed McMahon of the commercial airline world? Hopefully he's not like that autopilot in the movie Airplane.



Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Ahhhhh, does it make any difference if I didn't know Claire? Sorry...
And, again, the fly incident...SURE, as you stated, What if?...What if he has the red phone in his hand, huh?...Geez...
Again, a fun visit...I wish you had a bigger audience for your blog, as it is tops.

Hillbilly Mom said...

In a perfect world, nobody would know Claire. For being a MO senator just elected in 2006, she sure kissed enough Obama butt to be on all those Sunday morning news shows during the election. Horror of horrors, some even put her on the short list of VP candidates.

Thanks for your appreciation of my blog. It's how I release the crazy. The most regular visitors I ever had was about 20. If I really cared, I would get out and comment more.

Which reminds me, I left a comment on your last post, but it was eaten by the vast internet conspiracy against me. It just vanished. I didn't even get the 'moderation' thingy this time. And being quite the sloth, I did not care to try again, having forgotten all the childhood things I remembered. I will try again when I get the urge.