Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Return Of Li'l Pimp

Thank the Gummi Mary, Li'l Pimp has been found, safe and sound! As the reporting officer explained on camera, "I could hear him screaming in the background." I'm sure he just means the boy sounded healthy. If you've seen his picture, you would agree that he's a real cutie. Li'l Pimp, not the reporting officer.

That was this evening. But this morning when I first read about it, Li'l Pimp was still missing. Here's the story at KSDK.com, the St. Louis NBC affiliate. The gist of it is... this 5-month-old baby was taken by his babysitter, described as having a black ponytail and a black-and-orange weave for bangs, who was previously convicted of child endangerment in New York before she babysat Li'l Pimp. Oh, that's not his real name. That's his 16-year-old mother's nickname for him. That's what started the outrage on the comments section of the story. That, and the fact that she waited 24 hours to report him missing. Anyhoo... I'm happy that Li'l Pimp is safe, because now I can share with you some of the comments that tickled my funny bone this morning. (And don't scream racism at me, because the missing white toddler who wandered for three days in the woods last month brought out the comments about meth heads and people sleeping on the couch drawing welfare instead of watching their kid).

Without further ado, the saga of Li'l Pimp, brought to you by KSDK.com.

KSDK -- The 16-year-old mother of a missing five-month-old boy is pleading for his safe return. Now the woman police say took her is facing a criminal charge.

Makeela King told NewsChannel 5's Sharon Stevens she loves her baby boy, Cortez L. Rose, who she said is nicknamed Lil' Pimp.

A S.A.R.A.A. alert was issued after Madison, Illinois Police Chief Steven Shelby said Danielle Medina, originally from New York City, took Rose from a home at 1545 5th Street in Madison while his mother was shopping for clothes for her son in East St. Louis on Saturday around 2:00 p.m. When the mother returned, they were both gone.

Steven Shelby said the family reported the child missing about 24 hours later.

Chief Shelby said Medina is wanted in New York on felony warrants for alleged child endangerment.

Police describe Medina as an African-American girl who is five feet tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has a black pony tail with orange and black weave for bangs. She was last seen wearing a long brown shirt and black leggings. She also goes by the last name of Gillyard.

Here are some of the outrageous comments that made me chuckle:

Who calls their infant "Lil Pimp"? Why not lil drug dealer or lil killer?

For me, the name "lil pimp" is no different, than "lil crack head", "lil murderer" or "lil inmate p775409". I think it is horrible, and with nicknames like that, it is no wonder kids are joining gangs at 12 years old.

What does he call his mother, Lil Ho?

Hopefully he is just out shopping for a new pimp hat with a big feather in it and some new platform shoes. This poor kids mom is an idiot and hopefully he will be found safe and placed in a good home.

And how hard could it be to find a chick with orange and black weave bangs.

My goodness- Lil Pimp- everybody knows you don't name your kid lil anything- that kid will now have to spend the rest of his life trying to get everyone to call him Pimp just plain Pimp- If that does not work then maybe when he has a kid he will be called big Pimp and his son could be lil pimp- anyway you cut it you never want to be called lil- it just takes away from your thug image- Just call him Pimp from day one- if you want to call him Pimp- I wonder what real life event caused her to think of that name anyway- some people name there kids after a relative or someone they admire- Hmmm Lil Pimp.

there are 3 things that just don't add up:
1. shopping in E.St. Louis for baby clothes. Please, where is there a good place to shop for baby clothes in E.St. Louis.
2. leaving your baby with someone you barely know.
3. waiting 24 hours
to me it seems the mother was up to no good in that 24 hours.

I hope this doesnt effect the poor mothers welfare check, that would be truly devistating. Maybe there's some stimulous money available to give her if the check stops.

Now, for the Who's More Out of Touch with Reality Award:

Dutchess550 wrote:
In my youth "pimp" was a verb that meant to tease someone. I think that's fallen out of favor, though.

Ikomax-She is 16. She probally thinks its the same thing as Barney or Cookie monster. She's not even old enough to know what it means. I wish it was a law you had to be 30 to haave babies.

And let's end it with some words of wisdom:

The hardest stereotype to break is the one being perpetuated voluntarily. Who in their right mind gives a baby a monicker referring to a position of leadership in the adult sex trade???????????????????????

UghEugene wrote:
Honestly here is the situation with the Lil' Pimp thing and why its important. I feel like the given nick name is a direct indication of the educational level of this girl (about 9th grade.) It also shows her level of immaturity. Pimps degrade women. The end. It's not cute, its not cool, and its not something a respectable women would want her son to be. This immaturity is the reason why her son is missing.


Research for somebody with a B.A. in English and a lot of unemployed time on his hands: when did the contraction li'l become lil' or lil?


DeadpanAnn said...

The comments ARE good.

I don't know when li'l became 'lil, but I bet it was around the same time when it became acceptable to name someone 'lil. And I don't mean nickname-- I mean actually *name* them 'lil. Tim filled a prescription for a baby named 'Lil Terrian. First name 'Lil, middle name Terrian.

As for the story of Li'l Pimp, I'm just not surprised. I've known plenty of these 16 year old mommas, and, well, they're 16 years old. Their focus is not on the kid. Ever. The kid is just sort of around, like a puppy.

Yesterday I was driving down W 4th St in Hburg (not the greatest neighborhood) when I saw four tiny children playing in the street. They were about 3 years old and there wasn't an adult in sight. They were in the middle of a little side road just off a busy street, and one of them was jumping out at cars with his arms in the air like he was trying to scare them.

Stupid doesn't discriminate. Last night I heard a white lady tell her 7 year old daughter to "shut the f*ck up" in the Wal Mart parking lot. She didn't have the excuse of being 16-- she was in her 30's.

I have a feeling I'll be back to this post again today. It's super early and I haven't had coffee yet, and after seeing two examples of bad parenting within 30 minutes of each other yesterday, the topic was already in the front of my mind before I read this.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Thank you for the LIL insight. I guess we'll keep having missing Li'l Pimps until the government gives us money for parenting them better.