Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hog Heaven For The Pony

The Pony is doubly excited this week. Elementia is having the annual Special Olympics fundraiser wherein Domino's Pizza is sold by the slice at lunch. Oh, the kids still have to take a tray, or bring their lunch, but they can buy pizza. That seems wasteful to me, but since The Pony takes his lunch, he just brings it home to take back the next day, the things like the fruit roll-up and the Grips and the snack bag of cereal.

The second item tickling The Pony's fancy is the Book Fair. That boy lurves him some Book Fair. The first day, they get to look at the books. The second day, they can take money and buy them. Since The Pony is now in 5th grade, he gets first choice at the books. Many a time in the lower grades he would come home disappointed that the Book Fair ran out of a book he wanted before his class had a chance to buy books. He always seems to find even more that he wants after he makes his first purchase. I won't begrudge a child a book. That's one thing you won't hear me complain about.

The Pony was also proud last week of passing his flexed-arm hang in P.E. It was never his strong point, and that broken elbow in 2007 didn't help. Now he is a fanatic. He comes in from helping HH down in the woods clearing trees, and says, "Feel my muscle NOW!" The Pony almost didn't pass the shuttle run. According to him, "Then Mrs. Gym Dictator let those of us who couldn't pass take off our shoes. And SOCKS. After that, I didn't have any trouble, but my foot kind of hurts from pounding on the gym floor." Great Googley Moogley! I hope his toenails were not overgrown.

As icing on his cake, The Pony has four evenings this week at his grandma's house, due to my busy schedule. When you've just turned 11, it doesn't get any better than that.

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