Monday, March 16, 2009

HM's Itinerary

I will be gone every night this week. Don't even think about ransacking the Mansion. We have crazy dogs, and those five cats are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Tonight, I am at the #1 son's All-Conference Choir recital at the local junior college. The band plays, too, and he is not permitted to leave when his singing is over, though you should see the stampede of OTHER people's kids leaving. He has to wear a tie, and didn't want the clip-on that he wore to his last dress-uppy thingamajig. The only tie HH has that isn't clip-on is the one I got for my mistaken contribution of $300 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It is wildly colored and looks like a comic strip. #1 said the clip-on would be fine.

Tuesday, we have Parent Conferences until 7:00, the last hour taken up by 8th grade orientation for next year's freshmen. That includes the #1 son.

Wednesday is our school Science Fair, which has been rescheduled about five times. You can see how we rate. Normally, nothing is permitted on a Wednesday. Again, you see the weight given to our little exercise in scholastics. One kid told the other science teacher, "You know I have church on Wednesdays. Can't my partner be there and I still get the points?" She's not goin' for it. In her words, "I figure they go to church every Wednesday night all year. If they can't miss ONE time, then they don't need the bonus points. Same way with kids that work: trade your hours with someone, or don't come. It's only bonus points." And now that we have had to put it off for two extra weeks, those bonus points will go on the 4th Quarter grade. This is the first week of 4th Quarter. Not a lot of kids are jonesin' for bonus points right now.

Thursday is an early out for the kids, and conferences from 1:00 to 6:00 for us. I may actually get some work done on this day. Not a lot of parents come to 3rd Quarter conferences.

Friday is a day off earned by our two late nights of conferences, although we actually put in nine hours in place of a regular school day of seven hours. I forget how we thought that was a bargain. On Friday night, the Hillbilly family has tickets to see a world-renowned hypnotist. That's what the tickets say. It's a fundraiser for the basketball teams. I wonder what part of the ticket expense is my entertainment value, and what part is a charitable contribution. The tickets are $10 apiece. He better do some hefty hypnotizin' for that piece of change.

Wow! This week just flew by.

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