Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oops! I Lied.

OK, I lied. I am not telling you about my thyroid specialist visit today, because I am a master procrastinator, and I have put it off all day in favor of taking my boys to their bowling league, and buying a few last-minute groceries seeing as how we're headed for another 6+ inches of snow on Monday and Tuesday, and folding last week's laundry that was still stuffed in the clean basket because in case I didn't mention it, I have been SICK for the first time this school year, and oh yeah, I took a 10-minute nap in the recliner, and now it is just too late for me to get motivated.

Maybe on Sunday, if the Super Bowl snack-making doesn't intrude on my valuable time.


Chickadee said...

Snacks trump blogging, especially if there is chocolate.

I'm thinking I'll hit the store tomorrow evening after work. Everyone will be watching the Superbowl. The store should be empty.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Good thing I didn't invite you to the Mansion for the Super Bowl. There will be no chocolate. Diabetic H can't have it, and the #1 son is going to a Super Bowl party at Arch Nemesis's house, and The Pony still has half a Symphony bar left that he's been gnawing on for the last two months.

Our snacks will be of the savory variety, such as potato skins, chicken wings, hot wing dip, and cheesy-salsa dip. And I plan to stir up a cauldron of vegetable beef soup in case we are snowed in on Monday.

Sinead O'Clobber said...

Screw the snacks-- who you rootin' for?

Geaux Saints!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm rootin' for the Saints, but I expect the Colts to win. I just can't stand the Manning Bros. They have huge heads and funny mouths. At least Peyton is sometimes humorous, as in past SNL hosting, and that commercial where he gave everyone some kind of football for Christmas.