Saturday, February 20, 2010

Neglecting The Pony

No time for a lengthy boring story tonight. I must pick up the #1 son from the bowling alley where he has been driving go-karts and bowling and playing mini-golf and eating since 4:00. Never mind that he spent two hours earlier bowling in his league. Nope. Not enough gaming action for #1, so he had to meet his cronies and recreate some more.

The Pony does not want to ride with me to pick him up. It will take 12 minutes to get there, and 12 minutes back. The Pony fancies himself all grown up now that he's 12 years old. This afternoon, I left him in the basement playing a game on his laptop while I took #1 back to the bowling alley. Of course, Father of the Year H was in the barn that whole time, but now he is gone to an auction. Not the livestock variety, thank the Gummi Mary. I'm thinking The Pony will reconsider when it's time for me to leave in about 10 minutes. Because it's dark now. And things go bump in the Mansion at night. And The Pony is a big chicken.

We'll see what develops.

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