Friday, February 19, 2010

HM's Way Of Thinking

Did you hear about the ring of 5 Muslims who were questioned for trying to poison mass quantities of Army dudes through tainted chow? No, that's not the opening line of a joke. It's serious. Serious as a mass poisoning.

The ring of ding-a-lings , from Lima 09, was made up of Arabic Translators. Uh huh. People (pardon my French--foreigners) recruited by our military to translate Arabic for our military and in exchange get instant citizenship after one day of work. Really. It's not a joke.

Let's step back from the political correctness abyss for a moment. Do you really think, deep down in your heart, where nobody can see your political incorrectness, that people who are not United States citizens really want a job with the United States military? Really?

How about we stop worrying about hurting someone's feelings, and just say NO. NO. NO, you can not join our military and translate for us. Because we do not know if what you tell us will really be what is said in that language of yours that is not ours which is why we hired you to begin with. It's a trust issue. You might want to believe the best, the way things work in a perfect unicorn and rainbow and Skittles world, but that is just not how it happens in the real world.

It's like asking the weasel to guard the henhouse. The alcoholic to tend the bar. The pedophile to babysit. The narcoleptic to stand watch. The glutton to ration the food after a shipwreck. Bear Grylls to keep his clothes on for an entire episode.

Ya gotta get a grizzled ol' career soldier and train that soldier to interpret. It may not be easy. But that's the surest way to avoid letting people who want to kill us have the opportunity to kill us. As sure as is possible. Nothing is absolute. But it's working the odds. Just like Vegas. Just like Russian Roulette. Acceptable risk.

Miss Prissy would make a good guard for the henhouse. Let the weasel call the ACLU.


Chickadee said...

Geez. I thought we knew better than that. The fact that there was this kind of deal is unreal. Frightening is not the right word for it. Stupid doesn't seem to be the right word either.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It all stems from that namby-pamby, I'm OK-you're OK, every kid's a winner mentality. Only now with adults.