Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One For Seven

Ho hum. Today was our 7th snow day this school year. Not in a row, of course. Thank the Gummi Mary, if we go to school Thursday and Friday, we will be off Monday for President's Day.

Tomorrow is my birthday. That makes me an Aquarius. We are known for being dreamers and procrastinators. My bestest friend, Mabel, gave me my birthday goodies on Monday, just in case we really got that 8+ inches of snow that one of the channels forecast. That's the one I like to watch. The others were more conservative, with 6+ inches for our area. They are so sensational, those meteorologists! They don't even have to be right, they just have to lure in the viewers and sell bread and milk for the merchants. Anyhoo...we only got about 3 inches. That was only good enough for two days off. Which means that I have to go to school tomorrow on my birthday. The Pony is in good spirits, though, because HIS birthday is Monday, and this means we should be off for his birthday. But one more snow day, and they yank President's Day out from under us. Unless, of course, it has already passed.

Mabel rocks! She gave me a Pi glass full of assorted chocolates, and a fruitcake baked by the monks in the caves of the hills of the Ozarks. Oops! That's how she used to read the school lunch menu to her students when we were having hot rolls. She actually got me a fruitcake from the Trappist Monks at Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri. IT IS ABSOLUTELY DELECTABLE! I have never savored such succulent fruitcake. It's like a party in my mouth. The rest of the Hillbilly family refuses to try the fantastic fruitcake. They sure crawl out of the woodwork to gaze at it when I take the tin out of Frig where it be chillin' like a good fruitcake should. But they won't taste it. Not even a bite. They're like Jerry Seinfeld's date and the apple pie he proffered her off the end of his fork. They clamp their lips and shake their heads. Too bad, so sad. That means only one thing: more fruitcake for ME!

Since last Wednesday, I have only gone to school one day. That's one day of work out of the last seven days. Can't beat that with a stick! I was at the doctor on Thursday, Friday was a snow day, then the weekend, we attended on Monday, and the past two days we've been off due to snow.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with my recliner. Not working is actually very tiring.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I now have a craving for fruitcake!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Those Trappist Monk fruitcakes are heavenly!

Chickadee said...

I think the grocery stores and meteorologists are in cahoots. If the grocery stores need business, they pay the meteorologists to forecast more snow than necessary.

And happy belated birthday!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's gotta be a conspiracy.