Monday, February 22, 2010

Milestones Of Academia And Sport

There will be no nightly Mansion report on Tuesday. It is the evening of The Pony's big middle school spelling bee appearance for Basementia in the conference spelling bee. We have been mulling his ensemble, and I told him to ask his teacher about it today. No jeans. Just as I figured. We don't want The Pony looking like a hick country mouse. He's pumped. Not a bit nervous.

Father of the Year H will not be attending The Bee. He is going straight from work to the #1 son's last basketball game, which is in his neck of the woods. He will bring #1 back to the Mansion, thus saving an hour of him riding the bus back to school to be picked up. I'm not going to miss waiting to haul him home after practices.

#1 gets out of school all day tomorrow, having been handpicked by Mr. C to run the audio thingamajigs for a conference choir extravaganza being hosted by Newmentia. We will be having an assembly 6th and 7th hour to hear some singin'. I don't have to go to the first part, what with 6th hour being my plan time, during which I will be working that copy machine to the bone. To the very bone. It's a new chapter for both my courses, and the End of Course test it coming up soon, and there are Science Fair evaluation forms to be copied, and, well, Arch Nemesis is out of town on business, so I will rule the copy lair for one more day.

Since The Pony's bee will put us home later than normal, I am taking the evening off. Thank the Gummi Mary that the host school is only 10 minutes from the Mansion. We can come home and have supper and dress The Pony funny before we go back to The Bee.

I hope he's not the first one out this time. That nearly broke his heart as a 3rd grader in the elementary bee. Oh, he was a finalist for Elementia, but was first out at the conference bee. Still, he was competing against mostly 4th and 5th graders that year. He just needed some seasoning.

We'll see how tough he is on Tuesday night.


Chickadee said...

How did the Pony do at the Bee? I hope he wowed them with his spelling. :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Pony was upset by his performance. He rushed and left the U out of surround. But three others went out the same round, and he was, after all, one of 33 kids from 11 schools who earned the right to participate.

He was sitting back in the audience twisting his number 17 that hung around his neck, and a lady we don't even know walked by and squeezed his arm and said, "You did good, honey." I HEART that woman, even though she was not grammatically correct.