Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday Monday At The Mansion

This week brings us the #1 son's last home basketball game, a dance that The Pony may or may not attend, probably an academic meet, and payday on Friday. I'm not sure if I'm up to working four whole days in a row. It's been a while.

We woke up to about a half-inch of snow. That's the 5-6 inches we were told to plan for all last week. The sky is falling, the sky is falling, go buy bread and milk so you can survive! So...our snowfall that was supposed to arrive Friday night didn't make it here until around 3:00 a.m. Monday. A day which we had off from school anyway. But those schools who were supposed to be in session called off this morning. Go figure.

Slacker H was also off work for President's Day. He went to his eye doctor appointment, and was told that it wasn't until Thursday afternoon. Funny that his appointment card that they wrote for him said, "1:15 on 2/15, Thursday." They must all be on medicinal marijuana for glaucoma.

The #1 son had basketball practice at 11:30. I poked him out of bed at 10:00 and said he needed to get moving, because it's a 30-minute drive to school. He got up, and decided that he really did not want to go. HooRah! He had texted some cronies and found out that the choir director had canceled some sort of practice extravaganza due to the road conditions. What's good enough for choir is good enough for JV basketball, methinks. I would have taken #1 to school if he wanted to practice. But the point is, what's the point? There are two games left. He has been practicing and attending open gyms and camp since last May. He has been in the gym 10x more than his coach. Not to mention (but I will) that when he DOES go to practice, he is shunted to a side basket and doesn't even get to scrimmage. What's gonna happen for missing practice, he gets benched for the last two games? It's hard to bench someone who's already on the bench. So I told him OK, that I didn't want to drive on those treacherous half-inch-of-snow-covered roads anyway. That's his story and he's sticking to it: his mom wouldn't drive him to practice. Which is more truthful than Charger's story that he had something else to do that time he slept in for an 11:30 practice. Unless you count sleeping as the something else to do.

#1 later heard from Charger that he wasn't the only one to skip practice. In fact, seven JV players did not show up, three of whom live within 1/8 mile from the gym. Which left 8 players. Good for a 4-on-4 scrimmage, I suppose. Maybe Coacher will catch on that there's no incentive to come to practice if all you get to do is stand off to the side and be ignored. But I doubt it.

Did you know that Dish Network channel 118 was running an Intervention marathon today? Blockhead H sat down to put on his shoes, and caught a part of the episode with the woman who drank mouthwash because it is 26% alcohol, and tucked a gallon of generic yellow mouthwash into bed with herself to guarantee sweet dreams. She's also the one who fell down on her front lawn in a drunken stupor, and people walking down the sidewalk staring at her embarrassed her three kids. Anyhoo, Blockhead H caught the last part of it, where Candy Finnegan was trying to get the intervention going, but Drunky Fresh Breath was cooling her heels in the pokey for three weeks due to a DUI and evading the police.

Blockhead H said, "But I thought they were trying to get her to stop." Yes. What's your point? "Then why are they having an intervention?" The #1 son and I went round and round with him. Just what do you think an intervention IS, anyway? Blockhead H could not make himself clear. He just couldn't understand why they were holding an intervention if they were trying to make that woman stop drinking.

Sometimes, he wears me out.

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