Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tooting My Horn, The Sequel

For those who care, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is now ensconced in third place in her local newspaper's prep football contest. It's true! Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is one step closer to that Ashley recliner! Again this week, she scored 91%, with 10 out of 11 games picked correctly. Having given up hope on getting that pro football coaching contract in the mail, she has set her sights on a career change. Bookie. Mrs. HM figures that fewer people will be trying to kill her as a bookie than as an NFL head coach.

In the stats department, Mrs. HM has amassed 38 points over the first three weeks of the contest. Only 44 points have been possible. The current leaders are tied with 39 points. That means that Mrs. HM is only ONE POINT out of first place. She is tied at 38 points with two other contestants, but has apparently beaten them in the tiebreaker, as her name is listed above them, and they are ranked 4th and 5th. HooRah, Mrs. HM! That Ashley recliner is as good as yours!

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