Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stirring It Up

The #1 son reported that in one of his classes today, they spent 30 minutes talking about boobs. It was not the class I assumed it was. Anyhoo, talk started about a tattoo, then the teacher said that her daughter saw a girl on the internet who had a vine tattooed across her boobs, and when she was older and fatter, the vine was on her upper arm. Which does not make sense, really, as skin does not migrate from a boob to an arm, but the teacher's daughter saw it on the internet, so the class was divided into believers and nonbelievers. I don't know what else was said about boobs, and that is probably best, because who wants to discuss boob with her 14-year-old son, not ME, that's for sure. But #1 said that the last thing the teacher said was, "Don't any of you go home and tell your parents that we talked about boobs today." Which is just like daring them to do it, and I'm sure every last one of them went home and told. I don't really have issues with this boob talk. Just last week my class discussed washing penises and balls. Wrinkled and hairy penises and balls. So I'm not one to go casting stones at anyone else's glass classroom. Sometimes, you can't control the direction the conversation takes. Though I guarantee you that we only spent 5 minutes on the penises and balls. Really.

Here's the fun part. The teacher of the boob classroom was Arch Nemesis. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to call her over as she walks past my room. "Hey, I hear that some class was discussing boobs all hour yesterday. You can bet that I called Mr. Principal at home last night and let him know that I don't approve of that. I knew you wouldn't approve, either. He told me that first thing this morning, he's going to call some kids in and get to the bottom of this. And whoever that teacher was, they're going to hear about it. Can you believe it? All this testing that we have to prepare for, and somebody takes all class to let the kids talk about boobs. Did your son mention it?"

Hehe! I can't wait to see the look on her face. She'll either pretend it wasn't her, or fess up and make a beeline for the office to explain before she gets called in. At which point I'll tell her I was only joking.

I sure hope she didn't cover her a$$ with Mr. Principal before she left school yesterday. That would ruin a perfectly good prank.

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