Sunday, September 13, 2009

Read Before Bed As A Sleep Aid

Ho hum. Another typical Sunday. #1 went to church, The Pony and I went to The Devil's Playground, and Hoarder H bought two more chickens at the auction. Plus a goat. Yes. That's our newest addition. Hoarder H built a goat pen and everything. I, myself, do not see the appeal of keeping animals in cages. Especially in cages built too close to my Mansion. If #1 can take a picture, I will show you the goat later.

Chicky has been flying the coop. #1 reported this morning that Chicky is going to die, because he hops up on the thingy Inferior Animal Pen Builder H put against the fence to keep Chicky from going through the links, and flies over the top. Miss Prissy is beside herself when Chicky leaves her side. My mom saw them Friday afternoon when she picked up The Pony at school and a package at the Post Office and brought them both home. Chicky went through the fence into the rabbit pen, and Miss Prissy had a hissy clucking fit. When Chicky got near the fence again, Miss Prissy started digging with her big ol' chicken feet, trying to make a tunnel for Chicky to come back under the fence. Chicky knew better. He walked right through the fence. Then Miss Prissy proceeded to herd him to and fro, at her whim.

We had a big ultimate dog fight on the porch this afternoon. So big, the cats got involved. It all started when I tossed out a frozen hamburger, a frozen pork steak, and a square pound of frozen hamburger. It was in the back of the freezer, and had to go. I plunked the hamburger down in front of Grizzly, who is old and fat and doesn't really need the calories. I chucked the pork steak at the black shepherd Ann, because she is the biggest dog and carries her weight better. The square pound of hamburger went over the rail, because Tank the beagle will stuff himself with whatever he can find, and he needs the exercise of running around back. Can old Grizzly be content with a frozen hamburger dropping at his paws? Nope. As reported by the boys, who ran outside after the first minute of growling/howling/squalling/hissing, Grizzly had carried his hamburger over to where Ann had the pork steak, and tried to intimidate her in that special way that he has. Ann was having none of it, and fought back for the first time ever, and ended up with both the pork steak and hamburger in her jaws. She stacks them. You should see her with a loaf of bread. Anyhoo, how the cats got in there I'll never know, but there was a wad of fur on the porch. It might have been from last week. Snuggles the hateful cat is always being attacked by someone.

Hope you aren't exhausted from all that excitement. Some days the blog writes itself, and other days I have to wring the living daylights out of the day to come up with something.


DeadpanAnn said...

I love goats. I don't know why; they just amuse the hell out of me. Anyone who's had goats will tell you that it's impossible to keep one in a pen of any type, so let me know how that goes. Tim's dad used to say you could weld one up in a steel drum and it'd still get out. Tim also likes to say that there are goats on the moon, and no one flew them there-- they climbed. I can't WAIT for a goat update!

Cazzie!!! said...

Nah, I am pretty sure that your days, just like mine, are filled with things that are blog-able... well, you know, kids and pets always liven our lives up!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
All you had to do was ask. Thar she blows on Monday's post. I did not include the picture of Goatrude standing with her feet on the fence, and her head above it. I hope she knows how to use those horns. Because our dogs have a thirst for blood.

They certainly do, but I don't know how much people want to hear about my spawn and fleabags.