Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random Thought Thursday, The Holiday Edition

I missed my regular Random Thought Thursday due to sitting in the ER all afternoon, so I hereby decree that today is the new Thursday, and that Jerry Seinfeld be my butler for a month.


Funny how people care so much about what Sarah Palin does. First, she is a blithering idiot, then all they can do is talk about her nonstop. What's the deal?

Ice Age 3 is not all it's cracked up to be. It was even a bit boring for my tastes, though full of violence for the small fry. Woolly Ray Romano also calls a creature a 'chicken-headed freak', which did not set well with The Pony, who adores chickens, and this little critter was the only one who died in the movie. I guess he died. He was tossed over a cliff and scooped up and swooped away by a pterodactyl or some such animated animal. And that T-Rex-looking villain might have died at the end, but how insensitive to make him the villain when all he was doing was hunting prey to kill and eat and survive. And do kids really need to experience mammothchildbirth in a cartoon movie?

Bland vanilla Google equates July 4 with a picnic. Wouldn't want to offend other countries and America-haters, now would we? But why show anything other than just 'Google' if that is the situation? Is this world-wide Picnic Day?

Did you ever watch the MTV show 'Scarred'? It is rerunning now on one of the MTV channels. They always air that disclaimer that they will not open any submissions, so don't bother sending them. But how did they get the footage for the show? Did they pay off some hospital emergency room for records of hideous skateboarding injuries? Did a bunch of lame idiots show up all at once at MTV headquarters with their maiming tapes? How did the marriage of mutilation and mainstream network come about? Last night, a skateboarder racked himself on a sharp handrail. In his own words, "I reached into my pants, and felt my testicle outside of my sack. My hand was full of blood. I knew I had to get to the hospital, so I drove myself. Seven stitches later, I was good to go. I guess the only way to prove it is to show you my scar." Which he did, though it was blacked out by a black circle, and you could hear the groans of the camera crew.

HH will be shooting off a buttload of fireworks tonight. He may even shoot off more than North Korea. We've had rain off and on all day, so it looks like Missile Launcher H won't set the neighbor's field on fire like he did a couple years ago, and try to stomp out a 6' diameter fire in waist-high grass with his sandals. That's after climbing through a barbed-wire fence, cutting the middle of his bald spot. It was also the same year that a small missile got away from him and landed under my mom's Explorer just before it exploded. Don't worry. She and the #1 son got a bucket of water from the well to cool the embers after the fact.

Enjoy your holiday!


DeadpanAnn said...

Happy not picnic day.

Nobody was allowed to shoot fireworks anywhere around here that I know of, probably because it hasn't rained for weeks and we've had record heat. I heard some pops earlier, so I'm sure people are firing them. We're just not. When Charlie gets big enough to appreciate it maybe we'll get some folks together to shoot some, or at least drive to a fireworks show.

I can't stand watching people break their bones and bust their testicles and what not. I was at a basketball game in college one time when a guy got his wrist broken in the worst kinda way. The hand was turned around backwards and there were bones sticking out. I still cringe when I think about it. No skateboard injury shows for me.

Happy 4th. ;)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Our record heat is over. Ten days of it was enough. HH used to be a fanatic about fireworks, since he lost sight in one eye at 14 from a parachute malfunction. He never let his older boys shoot fireworks. Our boys... I'm surprised he doesn't let them strap a rocket on their back and shoot off the roof. He does insist on safety glasses, though.