Monday, July 27, 2009

House Of Eight Legged Freaks

I am thinking of re-naming my precious Hillbilly Mansion. Something along the lines of House of Eight Legged Freaks. This week, the #1 son and Entomologist H brought me treasures which were quite unsolicited.

The #1 son went out the basement door to dump the water from the dehumidifier. He came back all excited. "You won't believe the spiderweb that's outside under the porch! I'm getting the camera!" It doesn't take much to impress the budding photographer, so I didn't get all discombobulated. Until he came back with the pictures. That's one honkin' big spidey web!

Entomologist H was gone on a two-day trip to Springfield, which he said was for work, though he was spotted by the youth pastor at #1's church on the Bass Pro Shop parking lot, and by Shover's mom at the motel. I am not convinced until I get the reimbursement check for HH's expenses. Anyhoo...the evening HH arrived home, he didn't greet me or ask, "What's for supper?" or "What did you do for two days?" No. My first contact with him was when he came downstairs while I was trying to watch the live eviction on Big Brother. He wasn't there to chat. He waved a ZipLoc bag in my face and said, "Look at this."

Isn't that lovely? I told him in no uncertain terms to get that thing away from me. And he said, "Don't you want it?" Since I am neither trying to survive for 39 days without food, nor stocking my new arachnid museum, I declined. HH and #1 took the critter outside to experiment with different poses for the camera.

Oh, and instead of killing the creepy critter, HH set it free on a tree a mere 50 feet away from the Mansion. He said he found it down by the creek in the new little barn that he build. He should have taken it back, because I doubt that a spider can distinguish between a barn and a Mansion.

I don't want to think of that thing invading my Mansion.

(I know that technically, HH should be an arachnologist, not an entomologist. It just doesn't have the same ring to it).


Chickadee said...

Well, you can be an entomologist and arachnologist at the same time. Entomology is the study of bugs and arachnlogist is an entomologist who specializes in the study of arachnids (and that's not all spiders! That includes scorpions, mites and ticks) But I'm getting teachy? Preachy?

Anyways...that looks like a wolf spider. I lurv my wolf spiders.

You probably really didn't want to hear that, did you? ;)

Stewed Hamm said...

M-O-O-N: that spells "Laws be, there's no end to the advanced degrees that HH has!"

DeadpanAnn said...

I read this post last night juuuuust before bedtime, and hated you for a minute. Then I come here tonight, and there that spider is again, all giant and eight-legged and freaky. I may never sleep again.

I saw the biggest spider I've ever laid eyes on when I lived in Yazoo City. There were a few Cypress trees in the water. And on the biggest tree trunk, about 6 inches above the water, was the most ginormously humongous arachnid I've ever seen. It really freaked me out until I realized that it was in about the same spot almost every day, so I figured he was happy with his location and had no desire to come into my cabin.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I, too, thought it was a wolf spider. Then I got to googling and found out that it just might be a type of Dolomedes Fishing Spider. I found several pictures that looked just like it. The color and the leg stripes and the markings on its abdomen were similar. #1 zoomed in on one of his pics, and saw the eyes were not in the four and four arrangement of the wolf.

HH found it in his new little barn that sits about 15 feet from the creek. Now he's left spidey high and dry on a tree trunk up on the hill.

Yes, HH is quite the jack of all trades.

Miss Ann,
Sorry for the double dose of eight legged freakiness. My internet has been on the fritz, so I'm running late.