Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Thought Thursday, Conspiracy Theory Edition

Darn the bad luck! NASA accidentally erased the original video of the first moon landing! Can you believe it? An organization with a budget of $17.3 billion in 2008 has been recycling their videotapes. Who would have thought that the moon landing tapes would have been shoved onto a dusty shelf with all the other tapes? Not me.

I am one conspiracy theorist who has two cents to contribute on this subject. How can an organization that saves debris from failed missions, and constructs elaborate models of early attempts to conquer the wild blue yonder, NOT put these original moon landing videotapes in a secure place? This reeks of fishiness. But don't worry, they have contracted a Hollywood company to restore the bits and pieces of original moon landing recordings that have surfaced elsewhere. I bet they have! Nothing like getting a present-day movie-maker to 'restore' our record of the moon landings made by an old-timey movie-maker when we first 'walked on the moon.'

If NASA was so great at getting men to the moon and back, why haven't we ever been back? Answer me that. Is it because... oh, I don't know... maybe... people today can spot a fake? Sweet Gummi Mary! How many days has it taken to get perfect conditions to launch the space shuttle, and then all those tiles blow off of it and possibly cause damage? The moon, indeed!

Don't worry. I still teach my students that we landed on the moon. Though I do show them my tape of the moon landing conspiracy (funny how little ol' me didn't tape over it), and the MythBusters debunking of the conspiracy. Then they are free to form their own opinions about how things can be faked. It's called critical thinking skills, people. The scientific process.


Two patients at a Northeast Florida State Hospital came down with the swine flu over the weekend. Don't go worrying about the patients. They got Tamiflu. They were also quarantined, and only people going in and out of that ward were assigned to that ward. Whatever the heck that means. Wouldn't that account for any staff and visitor and patient? Anybody going in and out, indeed! No public alerts were issued, because the patients were confined, and there was no sign that the illness had spread to the community. An alert might have meant that people would get scared. Yeah. OF CATCHING THE SWINE FLU!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Probably not, because some of you just don't appreciate a good conspiracy theory. How did patients in a state hospital catch the swine flu? Did they just return from Spring Break in Mexico during March? I don't think so. Have they been gallivanting the globe on assorted airlines? I don't think so. Do they flit freely about the community on day passes? I don't think so. Were they the stars of the Northeast Florida State Hospital Pig-Wrestling Team? I don't think so. Maybe I am just an ignorant hillbilly, but the state hospital in my neck of the woods is filled with people who are in some way mentally impaired. I'm not saying it's a nuthouse or a home, but let's face it, you can be sent there if you are acting irrationally, or might be danger to yourself or others. My grandma worked the night shift there for many years. She had a fondness for her regulars. They were long-time residents. They didn't go anywhere. So HOW did that sneaky H1N1 get past security?

Notice that the article says there was only one other case of swine flu in the county, and that person was hospitalized in Jacksonville (35 miles away) at the time this incident occurred. So if that person had visited the two Swiners, would that not have been mentioned? You know, to keep people from being scared? Then they would know that the swine flu was not just rooting around in their county, but that a person had carried it in from a trip and had passed it on. But no. And the staff didn't get swined. But they sure did pop a quarantine up in this nutty-bunker. Gosh. Those hospital administrators are so smart! I wonder what would have happened if, when news of this new bug surfaced in Mexico in March, we had closed our borders to travelers with symptoms, and quarantined outbreaks? Who knows, maybe we would not have had ONE MILLION cases of swine flu in the U.S. so far. But that's just crazy talk. Don't pay any attention to me.

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