Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Taxed

This week I have been tinkering with the vast investments of the Hillbilly family, namely changing some CDs from 12-month to 13-month certificates. That means that the interest shot from 1.13% to 2.02%. I know. It's mindboggling, isn't it? We are going to get OH SO RICH off that interest.

At least they are making more than when we had the money in a sock buried in the back yard. I had to move that for safety, back when Mining Foreman H was going to mine copper out of the back yard because he found out the well water had traces of copper in it. It's been a couple of year now, but the strip mine is still in the planning stages. Now we are a chicken farm.

I am sure this extra interest will mess with my tax burden next year. You know, my taxes that are not going to be raised. Funny how your money is taxed before you take home your paycheck, and it is taxed again if you sock it away, and it will be taxed again when I kick the bucket and try to leave it to my children. It's kind of like the guy who notices that his feet are sticking out the end of the blanket, so he cuts off material from the top of the blanket and sews it to the bottom in an effort to cover his feet. After several tries, he notices that his blanket is even shorter than when he first got it. Go figure!

FYI... even though you can see my vast qualifications, I have no plans to serve as Savings & Loan Czar.

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