Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To Feed Or Not Feed The Pig...THAT Is The Question

Things are a bit boring around the Mansion today. No devil on the porch, no HH faux pas, no WWIII between the young 'uns, nobody at the store proclaiming my SO PRETTY-ness.

I had an argument with the #1 son about the FEED THE PIG commercial. We don't really know what it's about, we just recoil at the creepy pig-nosed guy. Perhaps the advertisers need to re-think this commercial.

I proclaimed that it was feedthepig.org, and it was about saving your money.

The boy professed that it was don'tfeedthepig.org, and it was about not being a pig, so quit buying stuff you don't need.

Then I countered with, "So why does the TV salesman try to sell that big TV but the pig says 'No'?"

#1 said "The pig is trying to buy the big-screen TV, but the guy tells him 'No' because you shouldn't feed the pig. Don'tfeedthepig.org!"

"Well, then, Mr. Smarty Pants, why does the salesman tell the pig NOT to buy the TV? That is a salesman's job--to SELL."

He said, "The PIG is telling the GUY not to buy the TV."

I pointed out that a piggy bank is a symbol for saving, and you should feed the pig. "Why would you have a commercial about not feeding the piggy bank? 'Stop saving now, everybody, and go spend money.' That doesn't make sense, unless you're George Bush."

#1 explained, as if I was simple, that the pig represented a greedy person, not a bank, because he was a person, not a piggy bank.

Because the boy is a true hard-head (and we sure don't know where he gets that trait), I told him, "Look it up. Look it up NOW, on your garget." (Remember, his garget? His 'happy sunshine experience' in trying to buy the fake iPhone from China, before he got an acutal iPhone?) The boy searched for don'tfeedthepig.org. He became strangely silent. Then he went back to eating his Red Delicious apple which he held with both hands like an ear of corn while lying on his back on the couch. "Well? What does it say?" He was not pleased. "Never mind. I give up. There is nothing for 'don'tfeedthepig.org'." I commanded him to recite, "Once again, I stand corrected." That's what he makes ME do when I'm wrong and he's right. He refused.

It appears that the outcome was not quite the 'happy sunshine experience' he had anticipated.


DeadpanAnn said...

This has nothing to do with your post, sorry, but DID YOU JUST SEE THE PREVIEW CLIP OF Deadliest Catch where the chain smoking skipper on the Cornelia Marie hocked up a bloody wad and showed it to the camera? GOD I could've gone without that!


Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Not so sorry that I missed it. That show is HH territory.