Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here She Is

Introducing, in all her glory,
the new Hillbilly Family LSUV.
See how she sparkles, see how she shines!
Oh, and there's no black hole where the
license plate goes. In the original photo,
some criminal could zoom in and read
five numbers, so the boy chopped it out.

Her guts are a bit fancified for my tastes,
but you can't walk away from a
sweetheart of a deal.

I asked the boy to take pictures of
the inside, outside, and the back.
Meaning, to show how much room
there is inside, back to the 3rd seat.

Obviously, the #1 son has depicted what is
important to HIM, and chose to show you
the controls to his wireless head-phoned
radio and DVD player and air conditioner.

He didn't even show the seats that fold up
at the push of a button. I swear, this vehicle
is right out of Get Smart.

And thank the Gummi Mary, the underline
thingy went away. I don't know how to fix it,
and don't want to take the time. Just so you
know, I wasn't doing it on purpose to put on
airs about showing off my new gas guzzler.

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