Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Thought Thursday 6-26-08

Aha! Thursday didn't get away from me this time!

The boys and I are going to see Get Smart this afternoon. HH and the #1 son saw it last night. Go figure. The boy wants to see it again. It's vacation, by cracky. I can shell out four bucks a ticket on vacation.

A new bridge is being put in on the county road by our mailbox. They have been clearing trees, and are set to start on the Monday after July 4th. That means we will have to go out a different road, which will add about 4 miles to my daily drive. I hope they hurry up with it.

The guy who put the first mastodon skeleton found on display, calling it the "Missouri Leviathon", had assembled the skeleton wrong. Some foreign guy saw it, and determined that it was really a mastodon. Oh, and they used to think that man did not exist at the same time as the mastodons, but somebody found an arrow tip lying against a mastodon bone. Or DID he? I'm a bit skeptical if this is the only evidence. Who's to say that somebody didn't fudge just a little bit on the location of that arrow tip? In case you are saying to yourself, "WTF's a mastodon?" it's a critter like a non-woolly mammoth.

I am riding the Old People Gambling Bus again on Saturday. My aunt and I are taking my grandma. She is 91 years old. I hope she makes the trip OK. It was her idea.

HH has created himself a regular Squatter's Village down by the creek. I will try to get pictures of his settlement in the next few days.

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