Monday, June 30, 2008

The Post About Nothing

Nothing of interest to report today. Move along.

Tomorrow's itinerary includes a trip to town to buy shoes for the #1 son (baby needs a new pair of shoes--mama needs another gambling trip). I will also shop for a phone for myself. My 5-year-old brick, as my son calls it, has now started acting up. It will stop working intermittently. Like when I am talking to someone, it goes dead for several seconds at a time. I might miss some crucial information. The boy is trying to talk me into a new iPhone, but I do not need the bells and whistles, nor the increased $10 per month it will cost me. I would be a candidate for the Jitterbug, except that it does not work in our area. Don't think I have been shopping for one. It shows on the commercial. There's a tiny blank area in the middle of the country where it won't work. That's us. And anyway, I think the Jitterbug looks like a toilet seat.

HH and #1 are gone to the Cardinals' game tonight. HH the Miser took a collapsible cooler of soda. Last time, they took cans, which were disallowed. The guy offered to let HH go in and buy cups of ice to pour it in. But no. HH walked all the way back to the car, which he parks way down the street and not in a parking garage, but in a lot, and poured the canned soda into bottles. You don't want to know where the bottles came from. But I'm going to tell you. They were HH's empty Mountain Dew 20 oz. bottles that he tosses over his shoulder to accumulate on the floorboard. #1 was mortified. HH said, "Well, I didn't want to waste the soda." The boy told him, "Duh. We could have just put the cans in the car and drank them another day."

I saw another good movie last night. I think it was on the Sundance channel. Not that the acting was good, or that there weren't holes in the plot big enough to run the Mississippi River through. But it was gripping, and I couldn't surf away from it. I tried once, in the first 10 minute, and wouldn't you know it, a main character disappeared, and I don't know the mechanism of departure. That'll learn me. The name of it was The Favor. It starred nobody I had ever heard of. There was no action. But I was entranced. It was about a guy raising a troubled teenage boy who was not his son.

Here's a treat for you. I'm listening to part of my Time-Life collection of 70s music. This one happens to be One-Hit Wonders. Let me share the QUEUE, as my Windows Media Center calls it. What's with Windows Media Center? Is it British, or perhaps Canadian? Nobody here in Missouri talks that way. And that's a fact, Jack.

70s One-Hit Wonders Queue

Play That Funky Music...Wild Cherry
My Maria...W. Stevenson
One Toke Over The Line...Brewer & Shipley
Afternoon Delight...Starland Vocal Band
Life Is A Rock...Reunion
I Can Help...Billy Swan
Beach Baby...First Class
O-O-H Child...The Five Stairsteps
Precious And Few...Climax
Brother Louie...Stories
Put Your Hand In The Hand...Ocean
Please Come To Boston...Dave Loggins

No extra charge for the time travel.

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