Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Thought Thriday 6-20-08

Oops! I did it again. Missed Random Thought Thursday by a day. Better late than never.

HH is a giant baby. He has taken off next week for vacation, and demands that we spend every waking moment with him. That means he expects us to go to bed at 9:00, and get up at 6:00. That ain't gonna happen. Just tonight, he made us go out to eat, refused to go to CiCi's Pizza (the boys' choice), held us hostage for 90 more minutes to look at new cars, then tossed a tantrum when we said we don't want to spend every minute doing what HE commands. Now he is busy sitting in his recliner in his underwear, watching Bear Grylls survive. Please note that if we asked him to watch a show with us any other time, he would say, "I can't sit in this house. I'm going to my cabin."

Let's rip HH some more. We got the electric bills today. Yes, there are two. One is for the BARn. It was half of what is was last month. The #1 son had tattled that HH ran the air conditioner over there, even when he was at work. HH denied it. So this time, I said I was glad he turned off his air conditioner. And HH responded, "Well, it wasn't the air conditioner as much as the lights." Yeah, he had been leaving the lights on 24/7, because he said they take so long to come on when he is 'in and out' of the BARn. I told him I would buy him a miner's lamp to wear on his big ol' bowling ball head.

But there's MORE. HH said The Pony is stubborn and hard-headed because he 'gets it from his mother'. He went on to tell the #1 son, "You know, babies get the most genes from the mother." Duh. "Then why do we even need YOU?" I asked him. He did not have an answer. Go figure.

Yesterday morning, at 5:55, HH woke me to let me know that the dogs had ripped open a trash bag from the dumpster, and that #1 needed to pick it up from the back yard. Just a cotton-pickin' minute. I didn't doubt that there was trash there. The part I doubted was that OUR dogs did it. The #1 son forgot the trash last week. So we had twice as much in our dumpster. It is not a small thing. It has two wheels, and the boy has to push it up the 1/8 mile driveway to be picked up. The thing is, he took it up the night before so he wouldn't forget. So I figured it was the neighborhood dogs who drug it out. That dumpster sits right by the garage. If our dogs wanted to get into mischief, it was there for them all week. Why wait until they have to go up the driveway to get it? And besides, our dogs never go in the back yard. They would have proudly shredded that trash in the front yard, and most likely carried it up on the porch. I looked out around 6:30, and saw Grizzley standing in the driveway by a paper plate, and doggie Ann chewing on something. Thinking I had caught them red-handed with our trash, I started hollering "Bad dog! Bad dog!" Of course they put their tails between their legs and came right up to me on the porch. Ann was still carrying her treasure, swinging it from side-to-side: a very wet little rabbit. I'm not sure if it still had the head. That part might have been half-way down her throat. Then I felt bad for assuming they were in the trash. I still blame the neighbor dogs. Ours went wild around 11:00 that night, barking and running down off the porch. They did the same thing that morning around 7:00 when a neighbor dog stopped to pee on the dumpster. I think HH falsely accused our mutts. When #1 picked up the junk and put it in a new trash bag, I told him to make sure those cinch-sack loopy thingies were shoved in under the lid so the dogs couldn't get hold of them and drag it out.

Today was the first day of summer.

There were a lot of old people going out to supper tonight. Not many young families. I have a theory. Old people don't get out and drive much, so they can still afford to eat.

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