Sunday, November 30, 2008

It Ain't Chicken Feed

The snow has come to Hillmomba. It is very fine, and I would describe it as light. The #1 son, on the other hand, proclaims it to be "...snowing really hard! Come look at how heavy it is!" We went to look out the basement door. You could hear it hitting the creek rocks that HH put down as a path to Poolio. It was sticking to the wooden rail on the steps to Poolio's deck. The #1 son climbed up on the deck and up over the porch rail like a monkey, just to check the thermometer on the back porch. "It's 31 degrees! It's going to stick!" He saw the 9:00 news this morning that had changed our area from "trace to a half-inch" to "1-2 inches." I'm thinking that by the 10:00 news tonight, it will be back to "no accumulation." But #1 thinks he's going to have a winter wonderland to play in. Kids. They can be so cruel...yet they are eternal optimists.

HH's quote of the day yesterday, in the context of cajoling The Pony into blowing the snot out of his nose: "You'll smell better if you blow your nose."

HH is miffed at this chickens. They keep scratching the food out of the feeder. Duh. Don't chickens normally peck food off the ground? What's next? Is HH going to send them to Etiquette School to learn which fork to use on their salad? He changed their food to laying mash, but said that they ate the corn better. Now he is giving them a mixture.

HH and the #1 son went to a Blues game yesterday. HH got the tickets from a guy he does business with. They must have been good tickets, because it said $145 on each ticket. It was the section where you get free food and drinks. On top of that, the guy had made HH reservations for two at The Club for lunch. HH told #1 that he would have to be civilized and eat with manners. "This, from a man who holds a bag of chips over his face and shakes the crumbs into his mouth at Harrah's!" said the boy. So sad that Harrah's is his reference for fine dining, huh? According to #1, HH built it up like it was going to be a white-tablecloth restaurant where the waiters walk around with towels over their arms. Instead, the boy reported, "It was a buffet. The waiters were wearing Blues jerseys, and bringing people beer in plastic cups." HH pointed out, "You didn't go hungry. You had three plates of food." And #1 said, "Yes, but you had two, and they were piled up way high, like when he has a bowl of 'soup' that is twice as tall as the bowl, Mom!" Oh, don't worry about them getting their money's worth for their free tickets. They each consumed mass quantities of concession food and drink during the game. Though to be fair, they set out on their trip at 9:30 a.m., and left the game at 4:00.

This will be a busy week. #1 has his first basketball game on Tuesday. It's one of the bigger schools that his team plays. I'm not so sure he'll get into the game at this one, what with him never having played before, and all the other kids being in organized leagues since about 3rd grade. At least he's 6' 1", and can take up space. He has not mentioned one of his little cronies in a while. I asked him if he was still on the team. #1 said, "Yes." I asked if #1 is better than him at basketball. "Mom, anything with a pulse is better than him at basketball. Oh, and he got his hair cut, and now we tell him he looks like a lesbian."

Kids can be so cruel.


DeadpanAnn said...

He should tell them he IS a lesbian trapped in a man's body. But I guess they're not old enough to be having such filthy thoughts. YET.

jamie3030 said...

I've was reading about your eggless chickens the other day and your husbands attempts to get them to lay. I know NOTHING about chickens (we run cattle). I was reading on another blog ( her chickens. They were young and just laid a few eggs here and there a month ago or so. She was saying that now they were not laying and probably wouldn't lay again until spring.

jamie3030 said...

To finish- you can relay that information to your husband OR NOT the choice is yours!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
If I remember right, this is the kid who asked some older girls to buy him a Victoria's Secret thong on a club trip out of town. So maybe the lesbian label does not quite fit him.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I will tell him, but that doesn't mean he will listen. My mom heard the same thing from one of her old lady friends, and a girl at school also told me. I guess it's a seasonal thing.

I'm also guessing that even though you run cattle, you would know the difference between a pot-bellied pig and a wild boar.