Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Thought Thursday 11-13-08

Everything they say about kids' behavior and the full moon? It's true.

It is cruel to make us smell the Senior Citizens' Thanksgiving Dinner cooking all day, and find hot dogs and chili when we enter the cafeteria. We had chili two days ago. Just sayin'. Draw your own conclusion.

How many of you are going to run out and buy the new book by BObama's best friend, unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers?

Did you know that there are 'Fish Spas' where people can stick their faces in an aquarium of special fish that eat their dead skin? It's true! We read about it in our Science World magazine. They are special fish found in Turkey. Turkey will not export them, so I suppose people from the neighboring countries sneak across the border and take them, and that's how other places can open these spas. Funny how the fish know to stop swimming at the border, huh? That's how the article made it sound. Oh, and some spas use impostor fish. Fish that have TEETH. And the people get unsightly face bites instead of glowing skin. One kid pointed out that fish poop and pee in that water, and he would never stick his face in there, even for the toothless fish to eat the dead skin and give him a healthy glow.

On the news the other day, I saw people in India tossing babies off the rooftops of buildings. HH went to work and asked the Indian guy there if he had ever thrown a baby off a roof. That HH. He's the best good will ambassador ever for the good ol' U. S. of A. The guy told him no, that he had never done it--it must be people from the southern part of India.

We got a form at work to fill out with emergency medical information. Good thing none of us kicked off since the start of the school year, huh? It asked for the date of the last tetanus shot. That gave me a flashback to my unfortunate chipmunk incident. Mabel remembers it well. In fact, my misfortune spurred her to get a tetanus booster. I ROCK! And so does Mabel, who supplied the date of my last tetanus shot.

Speaking of Ms Mabel, she was hot to trot that I started a new political blog and didn't give her the address. But now she has been enlightened, and my life is no longer endangered.

We had a theft at school today. But, as somebody pointed out proudly, the culprits confessed. Indeed. I always prefer my thieves to be honest.


DeadpanAnn said...

I recently read about fish spas here in the US, but they were being used in nail shops to gnaw the skin off people's feet. They're supposedly more sanitary than the questionable practice where the little Asian girl scrapes the skin off with a razor. I have to admit, that seems sorta dangerous. And after going 30 years with no foot problems and no pedicures whatsoever, I now have a mysterious yellow tint to my toenails after just 2 visits to such razor wielding Asian girls. Just seems odd that I could get through 4 years of showering barefoot in college dormitory bathrooms with no problems, but get funky toenails after having a couple of pedicures. Just saying.

The guy told him no, that he had never done it--it must be people from the southern part of India.

So India puts down on their Southerners too. Good to know.

unfortunate chipmunk incident.

That says it all, HM. Reminds me of Billy Collins' poem, "Picnic, Lightning." Nothing more to say. Except maybe that you might want to consider a rabies vaccination along with that tetanus shot!

I'm still trying to think of a cryptic comment to leave you. My creative juices are not flowing, so it might be a while.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Let me address all facets of your noncryptic comment.

Perhaps I have not told you of my lack of fondness for feet. Thank you for sharing, but I would rather not picture ANY feet being touched by Asian girls, much less have the image of feet being peeled of skin with razors. I can't. I just can't.

I wonder if they have a special flag that they fly in the southern part of India.

I originally went to the nurse to inquire about the RABIES shot, because I did not know if chipmunks carry rabies like those crazy skunks. What do you know, she had no idea, and neither did the County Health Center, but they agreed that I should have a tetanus shot. I suppose so that my jaws would not be locked if I started foaming at the mouth.

Good luck with your juices. I'll take a cryptic comment on any post.