Monday, November 17, 2008

Valley Of The Grouchy Hillbilly Mom

I'm tired. Tired of...

trying to clean that uncleanable film off my white board

kids who ask a question that you just answered

having some kind of chicken for lunch every day

getting up at 5:00 a.m.

the tech nazi sneaking in though my LOCKED door and leaving an elitist note on my keyboard that I am not secure, and that a student could have hacked my Gradebook. Last time I checked, students couldn't get into my locked room. I wish all I had to do was roam the halls, break into rooms, and leave elitist notes.

kids losing their books and expecting ME to do something about it



trying to use a copy machine that is The Devil in disguise, what with making me tear FIVE pieces of paper out of FIVE different parts of the ol' conveyor belt thingy

loud mouths that sit three inches away from each other, yet yell at the top of their lungs in conversation

failers who are given time to complete an assignment and turn it in, but are the ONLY ones in class that DON'T turn it in

students touching when they know better, like hugging in the classroom while I have to stand in the doorway between classes, not between paramours, but between garden-variety friends

immature noisemakers


boring tale-tellers

lunch-tray leavers


stacks of papers on my desk




tight-pants wearers

Most of all, I'm tired of not liking my job very much this year.
Will this school year never end?

On a brighter note, Happy Birthday yesterday to Mabel.
She's gonna have to wait on that gift.


msj09027 said...

For whiteboard cleaning and restoring try canuba car wax. It will remove the old whiteboard markings and leave the finish like a new whiteboard.


Hillbilly Mom said...

I will look into that. We have been getting by on baby wipes and the occasional scrubbing with Fantastik. That stuff is FANTASTIC! But I don't want to use it every day.