Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Isn't It Funny

Isn't it funny that...

You buy a wastebasket, carry it home in a bag, then take it out of the bag, and throw the bag in the wastebasket? (I think that's from George Carlin or Steven Wright)

Dr. Frank is running commercials for that pet pain spray, and for human pain spray?

The bank doesn't want to count your change? (Isn't that the business they're in? The money business? I'm not speaking of my own bank, where I take my orange plastic Halloween cup given to me by the old Home Ec teacher's club many years ago, full of candy then, but filled with change from my pocket now, and sitting on my kitchen counter though it clashes with my burgundy decor, until I take it in for real money. No, at my bank, they gladly take it to the back room out of my sight and pour it through the coin counter, giving me a total that has been correct so far, because I count it before I take it in. Except that one time, when the counter wasn't working, so the teller counted it by hand. No, I 'm talking about The Pony's teacher's bank, which would not count up his Coin Drive For A Needy Family's Christmas change last year. And the two other banks where he took it. What kind of elitist banks are they, anyway, refusing to sully their hands with MONEY?)

The copier in the teacher's workroom now doesn't jam, but spits out plain white paper instead of copies of what you run through it? (Does this make it the anti-copier?)

Happy cows come from California? (Don't they know that they are going to drop into the ocean one of these days? Or in the very least, they might fall down into the San Andreas Fault, where they will die a slow death of starvation, then bloat up like a blowfish? I guess not. They're just cows.)

HH says he can't sit in the house all the time, but the first thing he does on the weekend is go down in the woods and sit in the cabin he built?

People in H*ll want ice water? (Because you'd think that maybe, just maybe, as long as they're wantin', they'd want to get the h*ll out of H*ll. I know I would. Then I could get myself plenty of ice water when I was out of H*ll, and the ice wouldn't melt so fast, either.)

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