Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The temperature hit 60 degrees today in Hillmomba. That is just wrong. It is January freakin' 20th, people! That demon global warming has reared his ugly head again. Where, oh where, are those below-zero temperatures we had only a couple of weeks ago?

T-Hoe is brown now. He used to be black, but brown is the new black in Hillmomba. The road is a mess, and bathing T-Hoe would not solve the situation, but only delay it until T-Hoe came back home to the Mansion. There is rain in the forecast again on Thursday, and also on Saturday and Sunday. No use to throw away $5 on a car wash just yet.

The Pony has four chin whiskers. He is quite proud. He can even describe their placement. "There are four. One here, and one here, and one here, and one here. They make a square." He will be 12 next month. Maybe we should get him a shaver.

Nothing of interest has happened in Hillmomba since I last checked in with you. Farmer H's menagerie has survived another day. The clocks are still chiming between 10 minutes of the hour, and 10 minutes after the hour. The #1 son still refuses to arise on time for school. My posters still jump off the wall every night in a mass paper suicide conspiracy.

Same ol' same. Ho hum.

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