Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby, It's Warm Inside

Here we sit all snug and smug in our Mansion, with a doorknob on every door, and a thermostat set on a regular setting instead of Emergency Heat, Pro Bowler H out of our hair in town to bowl a 154 average in his league. You'd think that after 20 years, he could do a little better than that.

The temperature is something below zero, and the wind is whipping snow off the garage roof in magnificent swirls. The chickens didn't much want to come out of their house today. They were smarter than the #1 son, who made two excursions to take pictures. No school today or tomorrow. I whipped up a pot of chili, and cooked some frozen hamburger for the pets. It was gone in 5 seconds, according to #1, the feeder.

Farmer H came home and went to feed the chickens. He heard one squawking plaintively, and found a small red rooster hanging upside down at the top of the fence. According to Farmer H, Little Roo had gotten a toenail stuck in the fence, and was flopping helplessly. That's just what we need, for a chicken to freeze to death and the dogs to eat it, renewing their fervor for fresh fowl. Ann the shepherd was dragging a frozen deer leg around the yard this morning. At least it wasn't thumping on the porch.

The Pony has lounged around all day in his pajamas. He did take all the ornaments and lights off the tree, and #1 dismantled it and boxed it up for next year. Or so he thinks. Because I am having a REAL tree again next year. I ain't the granddaughter of a Christmas tree farmer for nothin', by cracky!

I should spend this snowed-in time re-reading The Shining, but I'm over halfway through One Second After, a work of post-apocalyptic fiction. Or I might go see if I can find Bear Grylls vs Wild. I know a new season started this week, and I'm sure Bear will continue the tradition of taking off his pants every show.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I gave up on the shower earlier today..... good thing, cause we still have no water in the bathroom. Correction, we have cold water, just no hot water. Love of my life had the LP put in the dispense tank and NOT the tank that services the house. We are almost out, so I have the heater off. I am feeding two stoves with wood. Water heater is LP! The good news is that we have door knobs that work, so all is not lost!

JustLinda said...

Blasted teachers with your blasted snow days! I shake my fist at you in jealousy and frustration.

It all sounds so tranquil and domestic. Especially the deer limb part. LOL

Hillbilly Mom said...

There ya go, gloating about your working doorknobs! Feel our pain, those of us locked in our own Mansion, growing dizzy at the thought of our electric meter spinning out of control due to our constantly running furnace.

Take a deep breath. Admire your working doorknobs. Count the chickens you don't have to deal with. Dream of the day you may find your very own deer leg in the front yard.

There. Now you, too, can be tranquil.