Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Deep in the jungle of Scientopia, the natives are hard at work hunting the elusive Project. Some prepare elaborate domiciles to house their special Project, once they capture one. These domiciles are rainbowily beautiful, built with neon swaths of pigment provided by the exalted leader, Hillmomus. A plethora of neon trees was sacrificed from Scientopia to allow for this mass construction. Listen. You can hear the drumming of the natives, the drumming that the Great Hillmomus refers to as 'that infernal desk-thumping'.

Several times per hour, the excitement of the natives builds to a fever pitch, their voices raising the very canopy of Scientopia. This tribe, named Anoystudenini by the first explorers of Scientopia, the Academicans, traverse the jungle on foot along an open swath called Hall's Path. The Anoystudenini dart jumpily along Hall's Path, watchful for Academicans who would trap them with the potent Discipline Referral and ship them across the continent to Suspensia. The Anoystudenini are not safe even in their isolated fern gullies. Members of their own tribe may shoot them with a poison wad of salivated pulp without notice. Natives can be so heartless.

The Anoystudenini travel in packs for protection. Their sharp tongues keep enemies at bay. A daily ritual of gathering nourishment occurs at 10:53 Scientopia mean time. The Anoystudenini grunt, belch, eat, crap, fling things, and disperse. The Academicans keep their distance, mindful of an uprising.

More Project hunting occurs after the feeding ritual. As with any tribe, some natives are excellent hunters, others struggle, and some some hunt so poorly that they will soon perish. A great festival is planned in six moons. A festival where the Anoystudenini who are skillful enough to bag a Project will share their Projects with the tribe. The have-nots will sit in sullen envy, sulking about their impending exile to Suspensia.

All Anoystudenini yearn to trap a Project in time for the festival.

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