Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Thought Thursday 2/12/09

People piss me off!

Drivers who drive 10 miles under the 30 mph speed limit should be rammed.

The last kid out of the classroom every hour will be the kid who is the most annoying.

What kind of nerve does it take to insist, "There is really no kind of background information for my project," after you have told him three different things to look up, on three different days, and even the kids doing a project on how names affect perception of beauty and intelligence found background information?

Why do people give you things and then get upset if you sell them ten years later?

I do not want my tax dollars going towards the $30 million that will preserve the salt marsh field mouse found in Nancy Pelosi's district.

Why is it that people who slurp off the teat of society don't realize that the money they get comes from people who work and pay taxes? Unemployment money comes from the EMPLOYER, not the worker or the government. The only case where this happens is like now, when unemployment gets to a certain level, the federal government grants an extension for an additional 13 weeks that applies if a person has not found work after drawing out a full 26 weeks of regular unemployment. Oh, yeah...a condition of drawing unemployment is that you keep a record of actively seeking work, three to four contacts per week, for those 26 weeks.

For some reason, I no longer like Angelina Jolie.

Man vs. Food quit eating a 12-egg omelet with only two bites left. Two freakin' bites! Why would you eat all the other 11 and a half eggs and leave two bites? Two bites was all it took to win the Eat A Giant 12-Egg Omelet Competition. He's MAN vs. FOOD, for cryin' out loud. How about renaming his show: Man Who Will Try To Beat Food, If It Is Convenient For Him And Does Not Make Him The Least Bit Uncomfortable, Because If It Does, Man Will Allow Food To Kick His A$$?

Nancy Grace has a new missing tot to slobber over.

Did the U.S. and Russian space satellites really just accidentally collide?

How did the baby elephant at the St. Louis Zoo get herpes? You may ask, upon doing a little research, "Why do only baby elephants get herpes?" Duh. Have you seen how tall those adult elephants are?


Stewed Hamm said...

Random Comment Thursday will now commence:

People driving slower than me should be rammed. People driving faster than me should be shot and/or arrested. People driving the same speed as me should get the hell off the road - they're all in my way.

So long as the kid leaves, you should count your blessings.

Insisting that students do the projects they volunteered to do is probably racist.

Perhaps the previous decade's gift-givers are just wanting their cut of the action. Or possibly, you've been given a lot of gifts by Lars Ulrich.

I do not want my tax dollars going to diddly squat in the Spendulus bill. I don't want anyone else's tax dollars going to me, either.

We've gotten rid of the word "welfare," and it's negative connotations, and it's done the nation a great disservice. For example, if I'm raking in almost $500 a month in food stamps to feed my 14 kids, that's bad. But it's not nearly as bad as if I was on "welfare."

I never liked Angelina, or her Jolies. Welcome to sanity, HM.

I've never seen Man vs Food, but it sounds like a plot by the bacon industry. "Big Pork," if you will. (yep, yer getting some pervy search strings out of this one.)

Nancy Grace only has enough room in Nancy Grace's life to slobber over Nancy Grace's humongo-tastic ego. (May I suggest opening a betting pool on how long it will take a search string for "Nancy Grace's Big Pork" to show up?)

Satellites fighting in space? Holy crap, every low-budget 80s sci-fi movie was right all along!!

Baby elephants are whores... every last one of them.

DeadpanAnn said...

As for Angelina Jolie, I've only seen two or three movies of hers, and they weren't that great, but she's always sort of gotten on my nerves. She has this better-than-everyone-else way of carrying herself that just rubs me wrong. I picked up on it before she married Brad Pitt and the media started treating her like she was a queen-- I'm talking like when I saw 1996's Foxfire-- so I know it's coming from her and not just from the media's treatment of her. She's pretty, but she's not THAT pretty. Not nearly as beautiful as she thinks she is.

I feel bad for that baby elephant.

Hillbilly Mom said...

You know, Mr. Hamm, you might want to think about getting your own blog. Oh. That's right. You already have one! ;)

You can be a squatter here at the Mansion any time. I'll even toss you some peanut butter crackers every now and then. But I won't spend $30 million on you. You are not as worthy as Nancy Pelosi's mouse.

Miss Ann,
The only time I considered AJol 'pretty' was when they made her up like that dead model in Gia. The performance I enjoyed most was in Girl, Interrupted. Her crazy was leaking out.

I also like bringing up that movie, because I can use my favorite stolen reference: Oscar, Intercepted. I don't know where I read it, but it was referring to Jolie stealing the Oscar right out from under Winona Ryder, who had campaigned long and hard for her starring role as the interrupted girl, and even bought the rights to the book or some such folly.