Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Is Kind Of OK

Today is my birthday. As usual, the students tried to trick me into giving up my age. Not gonna happen. One of them guessed, "36?" So, ever the outsmarter, I said, "That's it. You got it." And she said, puzzled, "Oh. I guess that's not it."

On the home front, my gaggle of gifts was much better this year, what with last year's bounty consisting of a pack of SnoCaps and a $3.00 pink change purse. This time, I raked in a set of Dry Erase markers, four rolling writer pens, six ink pens, a notebook, a mini notebook, an ergonomic wrist thingy mouse pad, two lottery tickets, and a giant mug. Yeah. My guys really shouldn't get me such personal items, huh? Oh, and I bought myself a cake at The Devil's Playground, because I had a feeling that such a thought would never occur to them. I was right.

My best buddy Mabel gifted me with something I have been searching for over a long time now. It will make an appearance when I get a picture that I can post. I'm not giving it away, but believe me, it's quite appropriate. I'll just say it's something I have been looking for since November 5th. Mabel ROCKS!

HEY! Today is also Sarah Palin's birthday. That chick will do anything to steal the spotlight!

The students had an early out today. I, on the other hand, lost my plan time and had to sit on a hard chair in the cafeteria through an insurance meeting where we were told to use the $4 Wal*Mart generic prescriptions so that the insurance we pay for won't be charged anything, a rousing presentation on suicide, a side note that the Feds are trying to steal us blind by demanding Social Security withholding from some school employees at the ruination of the Missouri Teachers' Retirement Fund, and a little dessert cup of career ladder changes. Viva la developmente professionale. (Mrs. HM does not speak Spanish. Perhaps that is obvious).

Last night, on the way back from an Academic Team meet at a school about 50 miles away, the #1 son's bus broke down about halfway back. HH was already at school waiting on him. #1 said it would take about an hour for a new bus to get there, so HH decided to drive to the bus and pick him up. According to the #1 son, the bus had no headlights. He said the bus was not all the way off the road, though they were on a side road to a state park, and not on the main road that is curvy 2-lane blacktop with no shoulder. He said that the driver had on all the inside lights, and the strobe, so cars could see not to run into them. Today, the parent of the Left-Hand Man said the the problem with the bus was that the headlights went off when switched on bright. Hmm...

This is the never-ending school year. I understand why prisoners carve the days into the wall of the cell.


DeadpanAnn said...

Happy birthday!

Mary said...

Hey Lebinda, Happy "Age" Day to you!!! Hope your devil's playground cake was delicious. That is really something to share a birthday with Sarah Palin. Try sharing the birthday spotlight w/John and Sean Lennon, Annika Sorenstam, Scott Bakula and Jackson Browne. Hope your day was a good one! Ur "brother" sends his bday wishes, too!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Thanks. I am having birthdays but not getting any older, though one of my students said today that I LOOKED older.

Mary Bean,
That Devil knows his way around a Chocolate Truffle Cake. I'm sure if I dug a little deeper, I could find more famous people that share my Age Day. My big little brother is quite a friendly chap!

And just so you know, I did not celebrate with a 'gala' affair, or any other kind, either, you Doll Hair taunting pem. I think you know what I'm getting at.

Mary said...

You sure know how to conjure up many a memory, Mrs. HM. Here's to Dr. Doll Hair and all the "gala affairs" she allowed us to have as members of the PEM club. Yes, those were the days, my friend, we won't let them ever end, we'll sing and dance forever and a day; we lived the life we chose, came out smelling like a rose, for we were young and we sure like to play.

Chad said...

Hey Sister Happy Birthday to you,

I am so sorry for being late (tardy) wishing you a happy birthday... I will remind Bean about her spelling; HA you know I can't spell that is why Microsoft Office has that F7 key for spell-check.

Have a great weekend
You’re Brother in KC

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sister Mary,
It was so windy here last week that I thought I was in the Flatland State. It almost blew the doll hair right off of my head. I looked like a regular ol' Katie Douglas.

Bro Chad,
I can't believe my own fake brother would forget my birthday. Oh, well...better late than never. The Bean only had a spelling problem with certain key words. She wasn't real good with names, either. At least that's what I heard from That One Girl, La Cheese', Melody/Harmony, and That Mountainous Growing Girl. The Lebindas across the hall refused to even discuss the issue.