Monday, February 9, 2009

How. Dare. They.

The #1 son had an away meet with Academic Team tonight. With the score 42-5 at half time, my boy was benched! As benched as he could be in a cafeteria. The team finished with a score of 65-18 sans my boy. Can you imagine taking out the star of the team? Well, I never!

Yeah. How would that sound if I called up the Academic Coach in Basementia tomorrow? Or what if I had been there at the meet, and yelled it during the second half? What if I had been yelling at my boy how to answer the questions during the competition? What if?

That's how the sports team parents act. Not so much at our school, though a few of them try it. It was worse in years past. Don't the parents see what idiots they are making of themselves? The principal had to threaten one guy the other night who was not even a parent of anyone playing. He said, "I paid my money to get in. That gives me the right to criticize the ref."

Thank the Gummi Mary, there are no ref for Academic Team. One of the coaches last week got a bit snotty about, "Well, we always count the answer as written." That's because to accept another term for the answer would have cost her team a point. That's OK. It came back and bit her in the butt during the next quarter. Oh, how I love to see an academic coach get butt-bitten!

My boy said of the other team tonight, "I almost felt sorry for their sponsor. She was a really nice lady. They only had four people on the team. (Our team has seven.) During the time I was sitting out, My Old Science Fair Partner whispered 'They are even poorer than us.' " Which is the gosh-darn truth. And it takes some doin' to be poorer than our district. Not poor in brains--poor in money.

In brains, we ain't a-lackin'. Send your child to our school. You get more bang for your buck, by cracky!

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