Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scatterbrain Saturday 9-20-08

The men of the Mansion are doing the same thing they do every night...trying to take over the world! Only tonight, they are doing it through a game of Risk. You know, the game of world domination. If HH wins, we will have another George Bush. The #1 son's rule would be akin to Hitler. If The Pony wins, he will trade all of his power for a new laptop and a flashy computer game.

This sickness I contracted is kicking my butt and taking my name. Even my old pal Histinex can't avenge me. This is day 11, and I still have a head full of snot and lungs holding at a quarter of a tank of fluid. Is is bad when you can't even smell Vicks Vaporub?

Poor little Pony is sick now. I refuse to take responsibility. He would have caught it much sooner from me. I blame his incredible lack of personal hygiene and cronies full of virus. That boy never washes his hands, and is always picking at some facial orifice. The kids at school are starting to drop like flies. One parent said the doctor told her this one takes two whole weeks to recover from. I concur. I checked on The Pony as I went to bed at 2:00 a.m. His cover was off, which never happens. That boy burrows in like something is going to grab any body part that sticks out. I touched his head, and it felt like a metal playground slide sitting in the sun. I woke him and poured some Tylenol Cough Plus Cold stuff down his throat. His lips were the color of a red Solo cup. That was before the Tylenol. He arose at 7:30, and ate everything in sight this morning, including a request for microwave popcorn at 10:00 a.m. I guess he was feeding last night's fever, because he is not a big eater.

The #1 son took a trip with his church youth group today to a space center. Not the Huntsville, Alabama, space center, but a more local one. The high point was when a guy like Mr. Wizard shot a flaming ball of ether through a clear tube about 12 inches in diameter and three feet long. The boy captured video of it on his jailbroken iPhone. The Pony was impressed. Me, not so much. I am not an aficionado of shooting balls of flame.

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