Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Day And Night Of Holy Matrimony

Our neighbors across the road had a big shindig yesterday. They got married. Oh, and they had a blow-out party all night long. That's OK. Our houses are about 3/10 of a mile apart. That's how things are in Hillmomba.

HH was gone to a car show from 9:00 to 4:00. As he was leaving, he said, "Oh, I told the neighbors they could use my cabin (the Shanty, aka MiniMansion) to take wedding pictures. So if you see people you don't know going through the yard, that's them." Thanks for the advance warning, and asking me if I minded. The only problem I have is that while we somewhat know the neighbors, we don't know their friends. I don't like people traipsing across my kingdom, making a mental note of how many dogs we have, and how far the BARn is from the house, and the various paths in and out to the MiniMansion, and all the years of stuff we have sitting around. Next thing you know, another one of our non-working riding mowers will disappear. Or there will be a big pile of sticks or stones or trash dumped in an out-of-the-way corner, or the remnants of a traveling meth lab piled in a heap. Hey! All of those things have happened since we've lived out here. I'm suspicious like that. It's my nature to be suspicious. I'm a teacher.

This morning HH reported, "They didn't mess up anything, and all they left was a wadded-up Kleenex." MmmHmm. And he can pick it up. Who knows which body fluid it is laced with?

HH and the #1 son went to the wedding reception for 4 hours last night. I stayed home with The Pony, who had been wracked with a round of vomiting the night before. I didn't want to go anyway. I am still convalescing from my virus that I caught over two weeks ago. It has been hard to shake. I don't know what HH did, but #1 said he played soccer with some neighbor kids. He also reported that HH took the neighbors a gift of a bottle of Tequila that he had gotten from a worker from Mexico. According to #1, HH bragged, "It still has the worm in it!" Which makes me wonder what else they would expect. Perhaps HH had opened it and eaten the worm, and then given it as a gift. More news from #1, the entertainment reporter: "By the time they were ready to cut the wedding cake, Tonya could hardly stand up." Too much Tequila, I presume.

Around about 9:00, the music switched from Bluegrass to Rock. HH came home shortly after that. I think it had more to do with the music than with the crowd of bikers. I do commend the neighbors for not parking anybody on our land, and for their guests not littering the roadway with beer cans or other trash. But I DID go out at 10:00 and lock up T-Hoe, even though he was resting in the garage as usual. My laptop was in the back.

No use taking a chance on my Shiba being kidnapped.

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