Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HM Has An Empty Nest

No, that's not some euphemism like, "The porchlight's on, but nobody's home upstairs." I still have all my faculties about me. But I am missing parts of myself. HH and the boys are in town, and not due back until around 8:00.

I thought I would enjoy the solitude. But I'm waiting for the other shoe and the other shoe and the other shoe to drop. It doesn't feel right. Ann-the-black-half-shepherd is nervous. She likes us all in the house where she can guard us. She whimpered and poked her nose into my hamstrings on my way from the garage to the kitchen door. She hasn't done that for months. I guess she was trying to herd me away from the door and back to town to get the boys.

Aside from the loneliness, I miss their servitude. The #1 son was not there to go in and order my Hot and Sour Soup, and pick up the mail. The Pony was not there to unlock the door, and fetch me a Diet Coke. HH was not here to yell at me.

It's too quiet.


DeadpanAnn said...

I cracked up when little Cindy Lou licked her hand and went after that baby's hair. Classic kid stuff there.

So, was it hillbilly tunes between speakers??

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Oh, most definitely hillbilly music between speakers. Not the classic bluegrass West Virginia religious gun-clinging music, but the country type. I can't bring any specific songs to mind right now, but the National Anthem was sung by John Rich and redneck woman Gretchen Wilson, while Cowboy Troy pledged allegiance between verses.

Of course John Rich was there, without his partner Big, to sing the song he wrote, 'Raisin' McCain.'

And who in tarnation do Heart think they are, anyway? They should be glad 'Barracuda' was getting play time with an audience of 37 million people. C'mon. When's the last time you actually thought about the Wilson sisters, or hummed a snippet of Barracuda? Let me answer for you: never. So they need to shut their traps about this ceasing and desisting crap.

Oh, and last night, I was also surprised to hear Kool and the Gang. Granted, it was 'Celebration' and not 'Jungle Boogie.' Apparently, the hillbillies are also fond of disco every now and then. Perhaps 'Ladies' Night' would have been appropriate for Palin's Wednesday night speech.

Stewed Hamm said...

I've seen where the non-Wilson sisters members of Heart are pretty cool with it. And you know that as soon as the action died down a little bit, a not inconsequential number of those 37-40 million viewers hit up iTunes to buy a copy of their very own.

Reminds me of the fakey crying that Chrissie Hynde put on about Limbaugh using My City Was gone, and Sam & Dave's complaints about Bob Dole's use of Soul Man. They knew damn well that wehn they joined ASCAP, that anyone who paid the fee could use the song. If they wanted greater control, they shouldn't have made the agreement.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Good God! Those Wilson sisters must be pushing 60 by now. It seems like only yesterday that they slenderized Ann digitally so they could get more playtime on MTV. I think it was for 'These Dreams', where she came up out of a tank of liquid. Fully-clothed, thank the Gummi Mary. They ran it backwards so she was completely dry when she came out.

I, myself, already have The Essential Heart. So I can listen to Barracuda and think of Republicans all I want. And Heart can't stop me!