Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Don't Know What You're Missing

My kids miss a lot of school. And not in the way you would think. Sure, The Pony has had a couple bouts of sickness this school year. In fact, he has been sent home twice for being sick. And missed the next day as well for still being sick. But wouldn't you know it? Guess who has qualified to go on the first semester incentive trip from Basementia. You got it: The Pony. How he qualifies for an incentive trip with all those absences is beyooooond me! I'm supposing that due to the swine flu machinations, absences have been creatively counted for incentive purposes. Or else The Pony is getting special favors because he is a good kid, which I sincerely hope is not the case. I know that I don't have any pull in that building, so the Hillbilly name had no effect.

But Newmentia has really cornered the market on school function absences. Let's see...#1 has been officially present but technically absent for singing to old people at Christmas, traveling to see a movie because a church gave the school tickets and a donation, a day in the gym to run the multimedia for a choir festival, an incentive trip to the bowling alley, upcoming Math Contest on Monday, the science fair at the end of the month, district music contest this month, and several others I'm either forgetting or have not been notified of as yet.

Tomorrow is the monthly club meeting day, so kids will be there but not really there for parts of the day. In two weeks we have parent conferences which let students out for a day and a half. Not to mention the WYSE competition and FCCLA and FBLA and some industrial arts doohicky and the anatomy class visit to the cadaver lab and the Spanish club trip to see Flamenco dancers (which may or may not happen again this year). But we'll round them all up and keep them in the building for the End Of Course tests when April commences.

The beginning of the end has begun.

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