Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chicken Central

No time for a witty discourse tonight. It is almost Survivor time. Time to bond with The Pony over reality TV.

Speaking of surviving...Chicken H moved his six baby chicks outside to a rabbit hutch last night. He must have thought that since the temperature reached 71 for one afternoon, they were ready. I'm surprised they didn't die of fright in last night's thunderstorm. The temp is supposed to dip into the 30s over the weekend.

I made Chicken H move his charges back inside for another week until they grow up a bit. I have already named one of them Ruth, and another one Charlene. Those seem like fitting names for the little birdies. They are cheeping up a storm right now.

Farmer H said they ran from him because they didn't want to come back inside. I told him he was an idiot, that baby chicks are not psychic. They ran from a big fat man hand that was trying to grab them. That's all.

He will make a hoarder out of me yet.

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