Thursday, April 1, 2010

Might As Well See A Witch Doctor

Farmer H is off his rocker. He has dizzy spells and the doctors pass him around like some kind of sacred insurance cow. Used to, he would call the doc for some antibiotics for his self-diagnosed ear infection. That wouldn't work, so he would call and they would prescribe a Z-pack.

After a couple years of this, the doc started sending Farmer H to specialists. They scanned his head and found nothing. Now one of them says that Farmer H does NOT have an ear infection, nor even fluid in his ears, but instead has something called 'crystals' out of place in his ear canal. WTF? Of course, I am hearing this story second-hand from Farmer H. He heard it from an allergy specialist who finally rid The Pony of his string of baby ear infections.

I am skeptical. Supposedly, the little ear bones like the anvil and stirrup have moved out of place, and Farmer H needs to be hung upside down and his head vibrated until they go back in place, and then he must keep his head level for 9 days so they won't move out of place, and then he will be cured for all eternity. I asked him if he was seeing an osteopath. Farmer H said no.

Am I the only one who finds this fishy? Farmer H said an old lady at the bowling alley had this treatment, and swears by it. I say Farmer H is an old lady.

Why can't he get his medical consults from the internet, like normal people?

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